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Marimekko launches a new experiential store in New York in SoHo

Finnish design house Marimekko returns to New York with a new store and store concept. The brand’s new experiential retail space opens in one of the city’s most central shopping destinations, SoHo, at 97 Wooster Street. Located at the heart of the city, the SoHo area is known especially as the epicenter of international fashion and design brands. The new store celebrates the official opening on 8 December 2022.

Marimekko launches a new experiential store in New York in SoHo

North America is one of Marimekko’s key markets and Marimekko approaches its market areas through key cities. New York represents one of the most important cities in the global fashion industry, having a wider impact for building brand awareness and positioning extending also to Europe and Asia. Marimekko announced at the end of 2021 the closure of its New York flagship store following the expiration of the lease and its plans to open a new store in 2022.

The store opening now in New York launches Marimekko’s new, dynamic store concept that embodies the brand’s optimistic and creative lifestyle philosophy. The studio-like and modular spatial concept evolves with different seasonal themes and has been designed to act as a platform for inspiring visual activations and events as well as a creative hub for Marimekko’s community. In the store, inspired by the industrial architecture of Marimekko’s textile printing factory in Helsinki, traditional retail display fixtures have been replaced by carefully selected design gems from different decades and distinct material choices. The product assortment of the store includes fashion, bags and accessories as well as home décor items.

“Marimekko’s new store in New York is an ever-evolving concept that has been designed to be rediscovered over and over again: Marimekko’s collections and their themes come to life in the space through varying visual experiences. Marimekko has always walked its own path in the boundaries between fashion, design, art, and architecture. Continuing this tradition, our new store aims to create a dialogue with New York, its inhabitants and creative culture. Even in the digitalized world, creative and experiential physical retail concepts have an important role as the hearts of brand culture that build awareness, deepen the customer experience and support omnichannel sales,” says Rebekka Bay, Creative Director of Marimekko.

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