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Groz-Beckert showcases refined precision at Techtextil 2024

Explore the intricate world of Groz-Beckert as they unveil their product highlights at Techtextil in Frankfurt from April 23 to 26, 2024. Rooted in their DNA, the pursuit of precision is a cornerstone of Groz-Beckert's philosophy. They believe that it's the small details that unveil fascinating insights when one sharpens their eye for them. Visitors are cordially invited to explore their exhibition stand.

Explore Groz-Beckert's meticulous universe as they showcase product and service highlights spanning Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Carding, and Sewing at Techtextil 2024. The Technology and Development Center will also be featured, offering insights into its services. Step into Hall 12.0, Booth B80, and immerse yourself in Groz-Beckert's offerings. Experience firsthand the attention to detail and unique qualities that define their products and services.

Graz-Beckert booth at ITMA 2023 © 2024 TexData International
Graz-Beckert booth at ITMA 2023 © 2024 TexData International

Presentations and Exhibits

Throughout the event, Groz-Beckert will host presentations on various topics at their booth three times a day. Visitors can drop by at the designated times to delve deeper into the subject matter, with presentations ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. 

For weaving, there will be insights into the new "Customer Portal Weaving", for nonwovens there will be a presentation on the digital ecosystem and sewing will focus on INH, the solution for integrated needle compliance. The presentations for weaving are on 23.4. at 11:00 a.m., on 24.4. at 3:00 p.m. and on 25.4. at 2:00 p.m. nonwovens will take place on 23.4. at 15:00, on 24.4. at 14:00 and on 25.4. at 11:00. And sewing presentations are on 23.4. at 14:00, on 24.4. at 11:00 and on 25.4. at 15:00.

On its booth Groz-Beckert presents a diverse array of new products and innovations across different product areas.


The Warp Knitting product group presents its continuously growing portfolio of modules. The modules are suitable for an individual and diverse range of applications and enable easy needle handling. The system parts have been supplemented by the newly developed guide needle for piezo jacquard machines. The guide needles are characterized by quick assembly and ensure an optimized loop structure. The new guide needle is presented with the specially developed "JacquART Visualizer", which visually and interactively simulates the function and movement of the system parts.


In addition to the machines for weaving preparation, the Weaving product area will be presenting its recently expanded portfolio of technical reeds. The new reeds make it possible to supply customers who produce fabrics with a high degree of fineness. The reeds are used in the production of fabrics that are used, for example, in technical filtration, membrane technology, solar cells or touchscreens. The reeds are produced using the most modern manufacturing methods in compliance with the highest quality standards, thus guaranteeing high and consistent fabric quality.

Reeds presentation at the ITMA 2023 © 2024 TexData International
Reeds presentation at the ITMA 2023 © 2024 TexData International

Felting (Nonwovens)

In the Felting (Nonwovens) product area, the new Groz-Beckert needle dispensing system will be the focus of the presentation. It is part of the product area's "Digital Ecosystem", which supports nonwovens producers in automating and optimizing their production processes. Visitors can expect two innovations in the area of felting needles: a new barb shape especially for needling highly abrasive fibers and the Groz-Beckert felting needle module. With the felting needle module, the needles are embedded as a module in a plastic mold for the first time. The needle modules are characterized by a very high resistance to deformation and offer new dimensions in needle density.


Various new and further developments will also be presented in the Carding product group. Highlights include the world's finest interlocked card clothing for a reduced crash risk and new Groz-Beckert InLine SiroLock™ plus types for a more uniform carding result thanks to special geometries. The comprehensive range of services offered by the Carding product group will also play a role at the exhibition booth. All facets, from sales and service to application advice, will be highlighted digitally.


In addition to the special application needles SAN™, which have been specially developed for demanding sewing operations – e.g. for sewing technical or ultra-fine textiles – the Sewing product area will focus on various topics relating to the sewing process. With the patented INH (Ideal Needle Handling) quality management system, Groz-Beckert offers sewing customers a solution for easy handling of sewing machine needles as well as complete and digital documentation of all needle changes and breakages. With the video format "Groz-Beckert Sewing", experts from Groz-Beckert impart specialist knowledge in short explanatory videos about industrial sewing and sewing machine needles. The division also presents its Needle Finder, an interactive tool in the Sewing Customer Portal that helps customers choose the right needle.

Technology and Development Center (TEZ)

At the exhibition booth visitors can take a virtual 360° tour of our Technology and Development Center (TEZ), located in Albstadt, Germany.

Both the equipment and the range of services offered by the TEZ will be presented. The TEZ's services include competent consulting and joint solution development for specific problems, joint optimization of processes, training and further education along the textile process chain, the provision of development and project management services, support for complex developments in the textile context as well as the joint development of new, innovative products, technologies and business models.

Techtextil 2024 promises a captivating journey into the world of refined precision with Groz-Beckert.

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