SSM launches Neo-YW for more efficiency and sustainability

NEO-YW © 2022 Rieter
SSM is introducing the new winder, NEO-YW which leverages all of the company’s latest winding improvements to create a precision winding machine that is easy to use while delivering greater winding performance.

It only takes a simple click of the button on the touch screen terminal to adjust all winding parameters. The elimination of the mechanical adjustments improves winding performance while also saving time and manpower.

The direct package drive ensures a precise package build-up and the best unwinding performance. The NEO-YW can process a wide range of yarn counts, from 10 up to 3 000 dtex.

In addition, the new automatic, regulated electro-mechanical back pressure system enables density regulation for high and low densities with an accuracy of up to ±3 g/l, depending on yarn and winding parameters.

The height of the integrated creel can be easily adjusted to best fit the type of supply packages and ensure the highest winding speeds up to 1 500 m/min so it can adapt to changing market requirements.

The new online backpressure system for low and high package densities sets new standards combined with the well-established fastflex thread laying system digitens tension control for optimum dyeing results.

The well-established space saving concept of SSM machines was implemented for the NEO-YW, resulting in an optimized footprint so that building costs can be reduced.

The new winder delivers clear sustainability benefits: The improved length measuring system reduces yarn waste by up to 3% while defective packages are reduced by 20% thanks to the new, online regulated backpressure system.

The NEO-YW succeeds the renowned PW1 which was introduced 25 years ago and pioneered the electronic yarn guide. The latest innovation testifies to SSM’s technology leadership which is deeply rooted in the company’s commitment to innovation and strong partnerships across the industry.

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