Energy Management module upgraded with new features

EnergyMaster, BMSvision's Energy Management solution, not only monitors the various energy flows, it also shows the slumbering consumption and energy peaks so that it quickly becomes clear where energy efficiency measures need to be taken. The latest EnergyMaster software upgrade sees two new features: the implementation of Sankey diagrams and the possibility of logging and analyzing energy consumption on declaration level.

Visualize energy flows and identify where you can do better

With the implementation of Sankey diagrams in the reporting tool of the EnergyMaster module, BMSvision meets the demands of Energy Managers. Whether they use it for energy audits to obtain ISO 50001 certification, or to report about the corporate sustainability efforts, fact is that Sankey diagrams are an easy tool to illustrate the different energy flows within a plant. The clear visuals help to make the complex data more accessible and comprehensible. The intuitive diagram, with arrow width proportional to the quantity, makes it instantly clear where energy is being used and how much.

© 2023 BMSvision
© 2023 BMSvision

By making Sankey diagrams available in EnergyMaster it becomes easier to discuss complex data and to maintain and improve your Energy Management.

Deep dive into energy level on declaration level

Because we are able to link our EnMS and MES-system, we are able to correlate the energy data to the different machine statusses. Thanks to our PlantMaster, the run-time and stop-time of every machine are automatically logged. In combination with our EnergyMaster we are able to capture the exact energy time that is consumed during idle time. Thanks to the latest software upgrade it’s now possible to deep dive into the energy usage during stop-time allowing the customer to analyze the exact energy usage during every declared non-activity. The customer gets a clear image of when to intervene to continously reduce the global slumber consumption in the plant and thus reducing its carbon footprint.

When there is excess energy consumption, a warning can be sent to different BMSvision channels like our Management Dashboard.

© 2023 BMSvision
© 2023 BMSvision

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