BMSvision at Fakuma 2023 (17 - 21 October)

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With BMSvision towards a green and digital transition.

BMSvision will be exhibiting for the 15th time at Fakuma (Hall 7, A7112) focusing more than ever on Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. With over 45 years’ experience in developing MES-systems, BMSvision has the knowledge and innovative power to transform your factory into a sustainable smart factory.

The sustainable solution: energy efficient with EnergyMaster

Energy is a critical cost component in the entire production chain and it’s essential that Energy Managers can continuously supervise the efficiency of the energy consumption. BMSvision’s Energy Management solution EnergyMaster, makes the energy flows transparent and relates the exact energy cost to each product. Excessive consumptions or low e-KPI’s are automatically detected and reported in real time.

EnergyMaster is also BAFA approved in Germany which means 30-40% of the investment can be subsidized.

The digital solution: increase production efficiency with PlantMaster

PlantMaster is BMSvisions’ dedicated MES system for the plastics industry. PlantMaster monitors in real time the production machines and processes in the factory and provides managers with meaningful information. The digitalization of the factory improves the efficiency, profitability and competitiveness without a loss of quality.

The data solution: visualize large data sets with BI Connect

Knowing is half the battle. To be able to make (long-term) informed decisions, you need data. Lots of data. With BI Connect, BMSvision offers a solution for big data analytics. It’s cloud-based, easy to use and customizable to analyze data trends. By visualizing data it is easier to find and share insights.

The mobile solution: pushed notifications make life easier

In the MyMES app, users can receive real time alarm messages so they can immediately response to problems in the production process. The new cockpit module shows the KPI’s and most important production data.

The Smart Bracelet is a low-cost wearable device informing operators when there is a need for intervention at a machine.

A new version of the WEB-DU, which is typically used as a group terminal, will be showcased with various new features to assist operators and technicians in optimizing their workload.

The HMI-solution: faster and swipeable DU11 IoT device

BMSvision’s DU11 v2 data units are equipped with a new, faster processer to increase customer experience. A swipe functionality has also been added, so operators can easily access the necessary screens by swiping left, right, up or down. The user interface of these data units has also been updated with a new and modern look which is easy on the eyes and pleasant to operate.

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