Shanghaitex 2019


Groz-Beckert at ShanghaiTex

In a few days, the textile world will be presenting its products at the ShanghaiTex in China. Groz-Beckert will be there presenting its new trade fair concept. Visitors to the booth can discover the Groz-Beckert product and service innovations and experience them from a completely new perspective thanks to Augmented Reality.

Visitors at the booth can discover the wide range of Groz-Beckert products for the fascinating world of weaving. From the warp beam manufacture to the finished woven fabric, the products make a considerable contribution to achieving optimal woven fabric quality. 

The Carding area will be presenting numerous developments benefiting the spinning industry, from a new stationary flat range and the new revolving flat TV56 and a cylinder clothing with special tooth geometry, through to the patented doffer wire D40-30-31ES CBF.

The Knitting division will be presenting a selection of innovative needles for special applications: including the SAN™ SF needle for large diameter circular knitting machines, the SAN™ TT needle for the flat knitting sector and the dur™ needle for use in sock machines.

Furthermore, Groz-Beckert is offering a ShanghaiTex 2019 information page:

The Groz-Beckert people are looking forward to your visit to their booth and many interesting discussions.

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