SSM will exhibit the well-established TW2-series at SHANGHAITEX

The SSM TW2-D will be presented at Shanghaitex (c) 2015 SSM
The Swiss based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, the inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system, will continue their tradition of trend-setting with the presentation of breakthrough technologies and attractive solutions. SSM’s competencies lie in the handling of the yarn during winding and yarn processing.
SSM (Hall E1 / Booth E03) will have machines for the following applications on display:
  • Dye Packages / Rewinding
  • Assembly Winder

The SSM TW2plus-W is a precision package winder for dye packages and rewinding operations. The electronic fastflex™ yarn laying technology allows a high flexibility to produce a made-to-measure cross wound package. The ergonomic design and enduring technology cuts maintenance and service expenses down to a minimum. Improved winding performance and package quality are further generated by digitens™, the new technology for tension control during winding.

The SSM TW2-D stands for innovative solutions, rugged technology and application of the essential. Not only enabled an improvement of the thread path, but also the overall simplification of the superior winder. With the electronic yarn laying technology preciflex™, a high flexibility is given to produce a made-to-measure cross wound package as the result. The ergonomic design and enduring technology cuts maintenance and service expenses down to a minimum.

Thereby the TW2-D creates a new dimension for cost effective winding. Combined with the easy adaptation to a variety of yarns, the TW2-D is the winding system for an economically and consistently fulfilling of customer requirements.

Besides of the presented applications SSM does provide machines for Air Covering, Air Texturing, False Twist Texturing (from SSM GIUDICI), Draw Winding, Sewing Thread Finish Winding, Yarn Singeing and Conventional Covering.

As the market leader in these fields, SSM enjoys an excellent reputation. Furthermore SSM maintains a worldwide service network that ensures the training of their customer’s staff and the maximum return on customer’s investments.

SSM look forward to inspiring and exciting discussions concerning open projects using their latest developments.

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