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Raff Military Textile strengthens ties with Latin America, expands export of military textiles

Raff Military Textile strengthens ties with Latin America, expands export of military textiles (Photo: Business Wire)
Turkey has achieved remarkable advancements in its relations with Latin America through its strategic focus on the region since the 2000s. The country’s trade with the region has surged by a staggering 1,400%. As a testament to this progress, Turkey-Colombia Trade Delegation garnered significant attention, drawing active participation of Raff Military Textile

Turkey's diplomatic relations with Latin America have witnessed substantial progress since the 2000s, driven by a strategic opening strategy spearheaded by Turkish Foreign Ministry. Over two decades, trade volume between Turkey and the region has skyrocketed by an astounding 1,400%, increasing from US$1 billion in 2002 to a record-breaking US$15 billion in 2021, positioning Turkey as a key trade partner.

The declaration of 2006 as Year of Latin America and Caribbean, the establishment of cultural institutes, the implementation of over 400 projects through Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency, and mutual expansion of diplomatic missions have solidified Turkey's standing as a robust regional trade partner. Further affirming this commitment was the recent Turkey-Colombia Trade Delegation and B2B Meetings held from March 27-30, 2023, hosted through a collaborative effort by Ministry of Trade and the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

The event witnessed active participation of 62 Colombian and 25 Turkish companies, resulting in over 200 productive meetings. Among prominent participants was Raff Military Textile, a leading Turkish company with a 50-year legacy in the manufacturing and distributing military clothing. Raff, known for its commitment to innovation, creativity, and growth, seized the opportunity to explore new avenues for collaboration and expansion in Colombia.

Expressing enthusiasm for the cooperation in Colombia, Eray Yükselo?lu, General Manager of Raff Military Textile, highlighted significance of this partnership with Columbia, the second country in the region with the highest number of active military personnel. Yükselo?lu stated, "Through this collaboration, our team will gain valuable insights into the local market from our Colombian partners, while local colleagues will benefit from our extensive network of customers & suppliers."

Emphasizing mutual benefits derived from maintaining remarkable trade success achieved between Turkey and Latin America, he stated, “We strive to meet preferences and needs of customers worldwide with our extensive catalogue, ranging from camouflage and military clothing to police uniforms and military tents. We eagerly anticipate working closely with our Colombian business partners to achieve our shared goals."

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