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Global launch of textile industry's first inherently flame-resistant stretch fabric: Tecasafe® 360+

On April 20th of 2023, flame-resistant textile leader, TenCate Protective Fabrics, debuted their newest innovation, an inherently flame-resistant stretch fabric called Tecasafe® 360+.

Building on the trusted reputation of a wide portfolio of protective products, Tecasafe® 360+ represents workwear's next evolution by combining the protection of flame-resistant (FR) textiles with the comfort and wearability of inherent stretch technology.

Blurring the line between workwear and casualwear, Tecasafe® 360+ is the protective fabric representation of the stretch-comfort trend that’s taken the greater consumer garment markets by storm in recent years.

By combining a proprietary blend of inherent FR materials with the groundbreaking stretch qualities of XLANCE® fibers, Tecasafe® 360+ answers everything modern FR-textile-wearing professionals have requested: fabric that keeps them safe, feels good, and looks great.

“Adding stretch technology to inherent FR apparel represents a defining moment for a world of end-users who rely on FR fabrics to stay safe and comfortable on the job,” said Michael Laton, VP of Global Strategy & Innovation for TenCate Protective Fabrics (TCPF). “The TenCate Protective Fabrics team is honored to share this significant moment together with our end-users, team members, customers, suppliers, and partners.”

Available in markets throughout the American, European, and Asian-Pacific markets, the world release of Tecasafe® 360+ represents TenCate Protective Fabrics’ first global product launch – a key achievement in fulfilling the textile maker’s 5-year strategic plan.

With global commercialization underway, multilingual information and media on the landmark FR fabric are now available for all audiences within the Tecasafe® 360+ Virtual Experience.

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