Circ launches Circ-Ready Community to scale adoption of circ materials

Circ®, a US-based textile-to-textile recycling innovator, announced the launch of Circ®-Ready, an exclusive community of global supply-chain partners who have demonstrated their ability to make high-quality, better-for-the-planet solutions for fashion brands using Circ materials. The inaugural Circ-Ready partners include AGI Denim, Foshan Chicley Textile Co., Ltd., Giotex, Marubeni Corporation, MAS Holdings, PYRATEX®, Selenis, SHINJINTEX, Soorty Denimkind, Tainan Spinning Co., Ltd., and Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI).

Consisting of processors, manufacturers, and other vital industry players across tiers 1-4, each Circ-Ready partner has undergone a testing process to replace virgin inputs with Circ’s products, proving the ability to utilize Circ products in their existing operations and produce premium materials as a result. Being a member of the Circ-Ready community provides partners the opportunity to work with pilot-stage Circ products, receive ongoing support from Circ’s technical experts, and be among the first recommended by Circ when brands and partners seek to utilize Circ material. 

“Being able to announce Circ-Ready with such a robust and well-rounded group of partners is transformational for our next stage of growth,” Peter Majeranowski, CEO of Circ. “It also speaks to the positive shift taking place within the fashion industry. As consumers demand better sustainable fashion options, and brands and retailers make public commitments to source more recycled and next-gen materials, manufacturers who proactively choose to operationalize the use of Circ’s recycled material have an advantage. Having experience producing top quality products from Circ materials and access to recycled products creates a competitive edge over others who are slow to adopt recycled materials.” 

The Circ-Ready community is a selected group of partners who have a proven positive track record and commitment to working with Circ recycled products and have been individually evaluated for industry success. Circ-Ready partners work alongside the Circ team of experts to adequately test and utilize Circ fibers, exceeding quality standards from end to end. To promote transparency and ensure the integrity of Circ products, each Circ-Ready partner provides a commitment to relevant best-in-class certifications for recycled products.

Circ is the leader in blended textile-to-textile recycling, a known challenge for the industry. Each year, tens of millions of tons of polycotton textile waste is landfilled or burned because existing recycling solutions cannot separate the plastic from the natural fiber and recover both materials. Circ’s innovative recycling technology is the only platform to successfully separate polycotton blended textile waste and recover both cellulosic and synthetic fibers. Circ’s primary fiber outputs are regenerated Circ Lyocell and Circ Polyester from textile waste. 

As Circ begins to implement its transformational technology, it is inviting partners that demonstrate product quality, reinforce its mission, and embrace the changing state of the fashion industry with creativity and enthusiasm. To submit an inquiry about the Circ-Ready program, visit

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