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HeiQ wins Best Materials Innovation Experts Global Award 2021 (Capital Finance International), a print journal and online resource reporting on business, economics and finance with a focus on the drivers behind change, annually awards individuals and organizations that contribute significantly to the convergence of economies and add value for all stakeholders.

The Awards Program identifies and rewards excellence wherever it is found with the intention of inspiring others to further improve their own performance. The jury bestowed HeiQ with the 2021 global award for Best Materials Innovation Experts.

© 2021 HeiQ
© 2021 HeiQ

HeiQ is a three-in-one company that can cover everything inhouse, from scientific research to materials manufacturing and consumer branding. HeiQ excels in the R&D field, where it tends to be significantly faster and more lateral than peers as it works with six tech platforms — opposed to the industry’s standard one or two — to foster innovation.

What convinced the jury was that “speed matters in the innovation cycle, and HeiQ has proven it can take a product from concept to materialization and market in record time. HeiQ competes on an equal footing in its three business models, but when these are combined, it blows everyone else out of the water.”

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