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VEOCEL™ brand awarded “Fine to Flush” certification from Water UK

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In the UK, many non-degradable products are flushed down the toilet with Thames Water UK having to clear 75,000 blockages from its network of sewers each year, at a cost of £18 million. Over the last 10 to 15 years these blockages have become even worse, due to the increase in different types of wet wipes and labelling that can be considered misleading.

Although we have seen an upsurge in products which are labelled as “Do Not Flush”, there are also many wipes on the market incorrectly labelled as “Flushable” which do not break down quickly when they enter the sewer system. Therefore, Water UK created the “Fine to Flush” symbol – an official standard introduced in 2019 to identify which wet wipes can be flushed down toilets safely. 

The VEOCEL™ brand is proud to announce moist toilet tissue (MTT) wipes utilizing VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers with Eco Disperse technology have received the “Fine to Flush” certification from Water UK. Water UK’s “Fine to Flush” certification shows that MTT wipes made of VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers with Eco Disperse technology can be safely flushed and break down in sewer systems. Such standards help to protect our water systems from harmful and costly blockages and their marking on retail packs are an important part of consumer education. As a global company committed to sustainable business practices and with operations in the UK, VEOCEL™ is keen to help progress this development and help contribute to a healthy environment.

As more consumers are increasingly seeking flushable wipes which won’t harm the environment, the “Fine to Flush” label will further validate the certification to consumers and impact their purchase decisions. Combining the VEOCEL™ brand with the “Fine to Flush” certification meets consumers’ demands for transparency in product sourcing and performance.

VEOCEL™ aims to inform consumers on the differences between flushable and non-flushable wipes, as well as educate the industry that there are wipes in the market which should be regarded as non-flushable and may cause negative environmental impact if disposed incorrectly. Our long-term goal is to work with the nonwovens industry players, brands, and consumers to address the significant issue of water pollution, not only in the UK but all around the world.

Dr. Chris Potter, Commercial Director, Specialty Applications at Lenzing AG has been championing the empowerment of consumers around making informed purchases of environmentally friendly products and reducing the amount of waste in waterways, oceans and sewage systems. Please click here to learn more from Chris about how the certification can bring a difference to consumers:

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