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Livinguard optimizes its own, self-disinfecting technology and develops first permanent, biocide-free technology platform

Swiss hygiene company Livinguard’s patented technology has been proven to continuously destroy 99.9 percent of pathogens (microbes) such as viruses and bacteria. These include influenza and yellow fever viruses, SARS-CoV (including the coronavirus SARS- CoV-2 and various variants of the corona virus), tuberculosis and E. coli, staphylococci and salmonella.

Livinguard’s novel and optimized technology is based on the principle of physical disinfection: Surfaces are given permanent positive charges that attract negatively charged microbes and damage their cell walls, rendering them harmless to humans. Products equipped with this technology can be reused over long periods of time and are therefore significantly more sustainable than disposable products. For this reason, Livinguard received the “Sustainability Product of the Year” award this fall.

The company has now made significant improvements and optimizations to this already proven and effective Livinguard technology. As part of the “Restart” congress (Sept. 15 and 16, 2021, Berlin), the company presented the world’s first permanent biocide-free disinfection. This new method is based on the existing, patent-protected active principles of positively charged surfaces. In addition, the technology has a permanent self-disinfecting effect. Livinguard can use various processes to apply the technology to many different materials (including textiles, plastics and paper). Thanks to this permanent self-disinfection efficacy and the wide range of possible applications, this new development represents a groundbreaking innovation in the field of hygiene and is another important step towards sustainability.

Sanjeev Swamy, CEO and founder of Livinguard, comments: “Our ultimate goal is to develop methods that make our products reusable and therefore sustainable. The advanced technology is a milestone in the history of hygiene, especially for the medical field. Our goal is to protect the health and well-being of people and the planet with the world’s first permanent disinfection technology. The vast majority of self-disinfecting hygiene products and solutions currently on the market use potentially harmful metals such as copper, silver or zinc. With our new biocide-free disinfection, we not only surpass the effectiveness of all previous conventional technologies, but also doing a giant step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.”

The biocide-free Livinguard technology, which is now being presented for the first time, is safe for humans due to its electric charge-based mode of operation and thus represents an excellent environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternative to conventional disinfection methods. Scientific tests, presented at the congress, show that the antimicrobial properties bind to the carrier material and thus do not lose their effectiveness due to the passage of time or other influences (e.g. washing). Another advantage: Because Livinguard technology is based on a mechanical principle of action, the formation of resistance is extremely unlikely – an issue that traditional disinfection methods based on chemical solutions in particular struggle with.

The effectiveness of the underlying biocide-free technology was assessed by Dr. Torsten Koburger- Janssen (Hygiene Nord GmbH, Greifswald). In his study, he was able to demonstrate that the total germ count on textiles treated with Livinguard technology was significantly lower after 48 hours than on untreated fabrics. Even though germ growth was not completely prevented, this factor was also significantly lower than in the untreated comparison group. In addition, the promised odor reduction on textiles was confirmed by test persons, without this having been an explicit question of this total germ count study.

Face mask and gloves with Livinguard technology (c) 2021 Livinguard
Face mask and gloves with Livinguard technology (c) 2021 Livinguard

Livinguard technology is used in a wide range of applications, including the medical sector and various industries. Currently, Livinguard technology can be applied to face masks, personal and professional apparel, home textiles, hygiene products, computer hardware such as keyboards, and air and water filters. In the future, many more applications are conceivable, and Livinguard is currently working on them.

T-Shirt with Livinguard technology (c) 2021 Livinguard
T-Shirt with Livinguard technology (c) 2021 Livinguard

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