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KARMAN partners with HeiQ to launch a Type IIR disposable mask powered by HeiQ Viroblock

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KARMAN, a French supplier of healthcare and hygiene products, has joined forces with HeiQ, to launch the KARMAN ACTIV’PROTECT mask. This disposable Type IIR mask uses HeiQ’s patented HeiQ Viroblock textile technology. This technology gives the textiles of the KARMAN ACTIV’ PROTECT masks safe and permanent antimicrobial and antiviral properties, especially against SARS-CoV-2. 

Driven by the desire to constantly innovate, KARMAN has designed the KARMAN ACTIV’PROTECT which is not just a disposable mask, it provides an active antimicrobial and antiviral barrier. In addition to being ultra filtering (99.9% of 3 ?m particles), ultra breathable and splash resistant, this type IIR mask offers double protection thanks to its efficacy: 

  • tested to destroy 99.68% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 in 5 minutes and 
  • kills 99.9% of Staphilococcus aureus and Kelbsiella pneumoniae in 20 minutes. 

Samuel Praicheux, Director of KARMAN said: “We are delighted to have partnered with HeiQ to develop this new mask. By opting for the Swiss Technology Award-winning HeiQ Viroblock, one of the most innovative and best on the market, we have raised the protective bar even higher in order to offer our customers a high quality, high performance mask.

This mask is particularly suitable for all health professionals, vulnerable people who need to protect themselves effectively on a daily basis, but also for all people in contact with the public in high-traffic environments, such as users of public transport or reception and maintenance staff in various structures. The KARMAN ACTIV’PROTECT mask is currently ideal for combating SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19. But in the future it will also be able to protect against all other types of viruses such as the viruses that cause seasonal influenza, for example. “

Carlo Centonze, Co-founder and CEO of HeiQ added: “We are pleased that KARMAN has chosen our award-winning HeiQ Viroblock technology as a sustainable solution for its masks. With HeiQ Viroblock, KARMAN is assured of using the fastest, longest lasting and one of the most effective antiviral and antimicrobial technologies in the world. By choosing HeiQ Viroblock, they are also taking a responsible approach as our technology is environmentally friendly.” 

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