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Mayer & Cie. at IHK Reutlingen (I)IoT event: Creating digital added value for analogue products

Made in Albstadt and shipped to customers all over the world who manufacture knitwear, Mayer & Cie. circular knitting machines are in use from Australia to Argentina. “Via our 80 or so local representatives we managed to maintain at least a limited overview of the whereabouts of our machines,” says Sebastian Mayer, head of R & D at Mayer & Cie. “But indirect contacts between manufacturer and users led to the loss of a great deal of “systematic” and valuable knowledge. The opportunities digitization offers enable us to come much closer to our customers both technically and organisationally.”
Sebastian Mayer, Head of Corporate Development © 2021 Mayer & Cie.
Sebastian Mayer, Head of Corporate Development © 2021 Mayer & Cie.

He recently dealt with coming closer to the customer as a speaker at the Reutlingen Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) event on the Industrial Internet of Things ((I)IoT) held by the IHK’s IT, TC & Multimedia networks and its IT Management network. His digitally savvy audience showed keen interest in the Mayer & Cie. solution knitlink, a machine- and Web-based customer portal on which the textile machinery manufacturer provides a hub for information, data and services about and for circular knitting machines and their uses.

Mayer & Cie. also sees knitlink as a starting point for new business models. It currently consists of three modular apps, including a Web store for spare parts that is scheduled for further development. A digital twin for every type of machine is a vision for the future.

“We see ourselves as leaders in our area of textile machinery manufacture,” Sebastian Mayer said. “Our claim to leadership extends far beyond the technical aspect. If we are to serve our customers satisfactorily also in the future we need efficient processes and a digital infrastructure to match them.”

The portal’s developer is partly the Albstadt digital enterprise MeetNow!. MeetNow! CEO Michael Krieger was the second speaker at the IHK’s I(I)oT event. He presented in the joint venture Wains a business model that successfully ports an analogue product to the digital world.

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