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STOLL successful at China International Import Expo with knitelligence

CHEMTAX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. which is STOLL’s sales & service agency in China area, participated in the 2nd China International Import Expo (Nov.5th-10th, 2019) at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

The fairground (c) 2019 STOLL
The fairground (c) 2019 STOLL

STOLL`s agency presented in the equipment exhibition area the latest STOLL knitelligence® tools:

STOLL-artwork®, M1plus®, STOLL-autocreate®, GKS (Grading For Knitting System), SIN (Sintral Crypto Infrastructure), PPS (Production Planning System), APM (Auto Production Mode) and EKC (Extended Knit Control). With STOLL knitelligence®, you could enjoy the automated sweater knittingdevelopment and production to have your personalized sweaters and knitted products.

At the same time the agency showed the latest CMS 530 ki in gauge E7.2. at the booth, which attracteda lot of visitors. The visitors had the opportunity to knit their personalized scarf at the booth by sending an own picture via the official WeChat account of STOLL. This is possible thanks to knitelligence®.

The 2nd China International Import Expo not only provides easier access for global companies to the Chinese market but also function as a platform for economies to be more involved in free trade and global governance.

High visitor interest at the STOLL booth (c) 2019 STOLL
High visitor interest at the STOLL booth (c) 2019 STOLL

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