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Reiners + Fürst shows premium rings and travellers at ITM 2016

Mr. Benjamin Reiners, Owner and Managing Director of R+F (c) 2016 R+F
During the upcoming ITM in Istanbul Reiners + Fürst (R+F) will present the latest generation of TURBO chromium coated rings and a selection of enhanced ring travellers. R+F products are made in Germany.
Of course the R+F TURBO rings will be on display. TURBO rings offer simplified running-in and extremely stable running performance with highest spindle speeds even under most challenging spinning conditions like Compact and Siro-Compact. Since their launch into the market in 2007 more than 15 Million installed TURBO rings contribute to the success of spinning mills all over the world.

Pic: R+F spinning rings in the production process

Another exhibit will be the R+F ring travellers which stand out due to most rapidly building up of lubricating film on their contact area with the spinning ring. The current innovation is a significant improvement of the traveller surface with reduced friction coefficient. The benefits are even prolonged life-times and further reduced ends-downs.

Probably a highlight will be the CERADUR ring and traveller system.

CERADUR optimizes capacity utilisation of long ring spinning machines and simultaneously reduces labour costs as well as traveller costs due to extremely long lifetimes:

  • 2-3 more days of production per year due to massive reduction of traveller changes and machine stoppage time
  • 30-40% reduction of traveller costs per year
  • 80% savings on labour costs for the traveller changes in the mill
  • less disturbances due to fewer ends downs after each individual traveller change
R+F offers to analyse the individual mill situation together with the customer and evaluate possible saving potentials.

R+F kindly invite you to stop by and visit them at their agent’s booth (INTA hall 3 booth 314) at ITM in Istanbul.

Pic: R+F ring travellers in the production process
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