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Green label: Sustainable machinery certification for AQUARIA®

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Proud to announce that AQUARIA® has been awarded with the Green Label after having successfully passed all the exams. AQUARIA®, open-width continuous tumble washing range for any kind of wet treatment, has proven to be a sustainable machinery and this certification is an important approval.

The Green Label aims to identify the energy and environmental performances of textile machinery and makes them easily recognizable and comprehensible. During the tests certified by RINA and ACIMIT, the machinery AQUARIA® was able to easily impress by its process efficiency of 95% and the energy & environmental performances.

Textile producers using AQUARIA® experience significant savings and benefits thanks to the effective mechanical action which ensures safe and defect-free treatments while moving the fabric solely by air using fewer chemical products and to the final client satisfaction. In fact, AQUARIA® brings new solutions to the finishing sector, and new sustainable and efficient ways to perform any traditional washing treatment.


The power of air pushes the process bath inside the treatment channel and through the fabric, forcing it to penetrate deeply into the fibres. At the exit of the channel, the energetic impact against the grill quickly releases most of the water, for a continuous and efficient washing action.

This allows increasing the productivity of the washing line, while maintaining liquor ratio values as low as 1:6, and to reach high levels of process efficiency, as attested by the “Green Label” sustainable machinery certification.

Sustainable Machinery Certification - Green Label - for AQUARIA®, patented by Biancalani.

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