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Navis TubeTex launches HeatSet to serve tubular knit manufacturing

Navis TubeTex, a global leader in finishing machinery for the textile industry introduces TubeSet, its latest innovation in heat setting machinery for tubular knit synthetic-blend greige fabric.

TubeSet efficiently heat sets tubular knit greige fabric with synthetic content, eliminating the need for open-width processing. Additionally, TubeSet provides improved machine efficiencies and increased fabric utilization with a reduction in operating costs.

The goal was to assist our customers in reducing production expenditures by >25%, and significantly minimizing the plant footprint with its reduced size, versus operations with open width finishing.  With a positive ROI of less than 6 months, manufacturing operations reaches a quick time to value.

Will Motchar, CEO and President of Navis TubeTex and its companies, stated, “We have taken the market disruption during COVID as an opportunity to engineer new technologies and meet industry demands.  Our dedication to advanced engineered solutions continue to support automation in the manufacture of tubular textiles.

With final testing completed, Navis is set for deliveries during second quarter of 2021.

Like all Navis TubeTex technologies, TubeSet is Industry 4.0 compliant.

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