Leading denim ingredient brand ISKO explores solutions to drive sustainability in garment production.

ISKO has made a point of driving sustainability in garment production since the early days with its Responsible Innovation approach, yet there are still challenges ahead for the industry as a whole when it comes to production processes which especially in the denim industry have been recognized as some of the most harmful and impactful.

Melissa Clement, ISKO’s Head of product development attended the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference in London to talk denim production and circular fashion.

What the sector needs is advanced technologies, both scalable and affordable, to allow the denim industry to reduce its impact on workers and on the environment, that and collaboration. Melissa Clement, ISKO’s Head of product development, added: “The challenge is to invest in new technologies and machineries.”

ISKO has proved times and times again its stance on responsible textile supply chains, building consumer awareness, developing cutting-edge technologies and closed loop processes – Ctrl+Z, material science solution which results in fabrics made from a pure blend of recycled and regenerated content – as well as opening its first UK product development center, in London, to help brands develop their products employing sustainable processes. “Consumers awareness is key because the throwaway culture still needs addressing” stated Melissa Clement.

These were the highlights of the conversation led by ISKO’s Melissa Clement, with denim consultant Amy Roberton at the panel “Closing the denim loop: the power of knowledge and collaboration” held at the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Conference in London.

“As the scenario keeps evolving, it is essential that ISKO as leader gets an important point across as it continues to lead the way of innovation in denim: good practices, whether they regard washing or material, can be implemented at any scale, with the help of important partnerships to drive shared knowledge and bring circular ideas to life.” remarked Melissa Clement.

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