Jeans: The manufacturing criteria of a fashion product spotlighting sustainability challenges in the textile industry

This study by DENIM PREMIÈRE VISION reveals the new purchasing behavior of European (France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom) and American (United States) consumers in terms of denim fashion products, and presents the criteria used by these same consumers to determine what they think defines a sustainable pair of jeans.

An iconic fashion item for consumers, jeans continue to play a fundamental role in our wardrobes. Comfortable, accessibly priced, they’re sold around the world, in all major countries.

But given the growing ecological awakening, and the voices being raised around the world to find sustainable development solutions that consider all the global challenges facing people and the planet, the fashion industry must find a way to reinvent itself through more virtuous production methods.

So, were this widely bought product to seek to address the industry’s sustainable challenges, which criteria should factor in its manufacturing?

Première Vision took a close look at this iconic product in a study conducted last April, to coincide with the 15th anniversary of Denim Première Vision, the next edition of which will take place this November 23 & 24 in Milan.


This study was conducted as part of the Chair launched by Première Vision in partnership with the French Fashion Institute (IFM), and examined European & American consumers’ buying behaviors and sustainable criteria regarding fashion products. The study was carried out in April 2022 in France, Italy, Germany, the UK and US, of 6,000 people (1,200 respondents per country), a sample representative of the population aged 18 and over of each country.

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