WOX by Wiser Tech hits Denim Première Vision

© 2022 Wiser Tech
It was only a matter of time before the forward-thinking vision of Wiser Globe, embodied by innovation and technology company Wiser Tech, would change business-as-usual in the textile industry again. That time has come as Wiser Tech, geared to research and engineer advanced technologies able to revolutionize the denim finishing processes, proudly introduces the WOX, ozone bleaching machine.

Displayed at the Wiser Tech exhibition area E19, the stunning WOX machinery generation combines advanced hardware technology and software algorithms working on the cloud, laying new innovative foundations for fashion all over the world.

Making the finishing technologies fully traceable and accessible thanks to the advanced application of Wiser Tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the cloud system, WOX is the first of these breakthrough technologies promising to redefine the entire market. Standing for Wiser Ozone X-perience, WOX physically consists of an ozone drum and generator – but, in its spirit, it was designed as a network object that provides data to Artificial Intelligence algorithms. With this feature it is really one-of-a- kind in the industry, thanks to Artificial Intelligence’s potential to transform the existing business models and redefine the production process by developing new practices based on data analytics. 

© 2022 Wiser Tech
© 2022 Wiser Tech

The goal? To provide textile manufacturers with total control over their production, with credible sustainable solutions to address the most pressing environmental issues of the industry.

The WOX machine is exclusively on display at Denim Première Vision in Berlin, Wiser Tech exhibition area E19, making its first-time appearance on the tradeshow environment to let visitors touch and feel the great technological and design essence of this innovation.

WOX – how it makes the difference

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Safe and adjustable ozone generation
  • Easy-to-use
  • Futuristic&Awarded design

The benefits

  • 40% lower cycle duration
  • 66% higher production capacity
  • Better bleaching results

Fuat Gözaçan, Wiser Globe founder, explains: “WOX is our cutting-edge technology that supports stable and controllable production. Through this innovation, we want to create an entirely new paradigm in the denim production industry and go beyond Industry 4.0 with 360-degree solutions that will completely change the denim finishing practices. WOX is the first step in that direction.”

© 2022 Wiser Tech
© 2022 Wiser Tech

An innovation powered by Wiser Wash game-changer denim bleaching process 

© 2022 Wiser Tech
© 2022 Wiser Tech

WOX is based on Wiser Wash, a patented and award-winning ozone bleaching process that allows for the elimination of the use of pumice stone and toxic chemicals, such as hypochlorite and potassium permanganate, and saves a significant amount of water by using only 200 ml water for the decolorization. Yet the outcome is always gorgeous and stylish, creating amazing denim looks, from basics to high fashion, with even brighter contrasts.

Wiser Wash – how it makes the difference

  • No Pumice Stone
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • Responsible Production 

The benefits

  • Less Water
  • Less Energy
  • Less Time

Actual creative implementations of how Wiser Wash amazingly performs, achieving the most authentic as well as fashionable aesthetics, are showcased at the Wiser Globe booth – C13.

Among them stands out a special capsule collection developed by Elleti Group: the historic Italian company specializing in denim treatments and garment making is an exclusive partner of Wiser Wash for Europe and the Mediterranean area (with Portugal being the only exception). The company has curated a selection of garment interpretations spanning innovative styles enhanced by sustainability.

"Wiser Wash is a great source of inspiration for the industry. It is thrilling for us to experiment and foster a continuous change in partnership with Wiser Wash.” claims Luigi Lovato, Founder and CEO of Elleti Group. “This capsule collection is an actual proof of how we can pursue fashion while improving quality and performance together with sustainability."

© 2022 Wiser Tech
© 2022 Wiser Tech

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