Berto travels km zero to support B2C brands

© 2021 Berto
In 2021, Berto Industria tessile embarked on a series of journeys through the denim supply chain, touching both B2B and B2C worlds.

The first journey of this adventure, aimed at discovering and publicizing Berto's incredible world of indigo and, began by talking about the collaboration with the turkish garment maker blue matters creating a green collection to be proposed to the world's top brands, continuing with “Su Mirura Project” in the second chapter.

This incredible project aims to support young emerging talents in the world of fashion with a ready-made warehouse (which is extremely topical at a time when products are hard to come by). In our sector, there is a risk that young talents would have difficulty sourcing raw materials due to problems with minimum orders and financial commitments.

Stripes of-f Road bag made with Denim Berto No Fade Overseas © 2021 Berto
Stripes of-f Road bag made with Denim Berto No Fade Overseas © 2021 Berto

In this third chapter of the personal journey into the world of the denim supply chain, Berto industria tessile would like to talk about and make known two realities that are not only made in italy, but also made in veneto, for a zero km value chain.

Two realities that are part of two different segments of the world of b2c, one operating in the world of clothing and the other in the creation of bags and backpacks, but that have a common denominator between them, the use of 100% in their collections of de-nim fabric berto.

These two companies from the Veneto region have found in Berto not only a supplier, but also a consultant who supports and helps them in the choice and use of such a uni-que and beautiful product as denim. At Berto sustainability also means supporting small companies with great creativity, talent and quality.




"I am Paola Verzini, I was born, I live and work in Verona.

Together with my husband Michele I created the brand Stripes of-f Road in 2007. Since I was born I have breathed the charm and passion for tailoring and craftsmanship thanks to my parents who were tailors.

The idea of Stripes of-f Road was born from the desire to create unique and reliable bags, giving a second chance to high resistance materials, especially of military origin, but always made with sartorial care. I liked the idea of creating and demonstrating that you can do quality upcycling with fabrics with a story to tell.

Paola Verzini © 2021 Berto
Paola Verzini © 2021 Berto

In December 2019 during our participation in the "New Heritage" event in Dusseldorf, talking to Silvia of The Denim Window and Yvonne of The Blue Suit and telling them about my passion for denim, I regretted the impossibility of making bags with a denim fabric given the inherent loss of color that denim has. Thanks to them, I came to know Industria Tessile Berto of Padua and their Denim "No Fade" Oltremare.

As soon as we returned to Verona, we immediately got in touch with Francesca Polato and Maurizio Zampollo of Berto and we found competent and passionate partners.

We also learned about the company's long-standing commitment to the environment and sustainability, a truly important path that made us realize that we were in the presence of a company that holds at heart the values that we decided to embrace from the very beginning of our work project.

We immediately started a collaboration that led us almost immediately to the creation of a line dedicated to denim, since our bag models were also well suited to the use of such a versatile and iconic fabric.

Thanks to their willingness to help an artisan company like ours, and to their "Made to Measure" project, which gave us the opportunity to order even small quantities of high quality fabrics, we were immediately able to use other fabrics of the Berto family in addition to the traditional "No Fade”.

Our philosophy of work is inspired by those old artisans that in each of their handiwork dedicate time and passion to create a unique product, where nothing is done in series.

In recent years we have worked mainly by word-of-mouth and our social pages where customers can contact us directly. 

We are planning to open an online shop in 2022, but we will definitely focus more on custom made work or on behalf of other brands with capsule collections like the one we are making with Berto Industria Tessile  for an Italian brand that is opening its first store in the United States.

I am happy to be able to use for my work a quality product that has been rooted in my territory for generations like Berto Industria Tessile denim."



“I'm Rossano Perini, I was born in 1980, I began to be passionate about the world of fashion in the 90s as a window dresser and buyer in one of the most historic and avant-garde stores in Padua.

Later I worked as a designer and consultant for several fashion brands, creating important collaborations that allowed me to specialize in the best way in the field.

Rossano Perini © 2021 Berto
Rossano Perini © 2021 Berto

I wanted at all costs something that reflected me with my name and surname, I wanted to put my face on it, and I started this new adventure, thanks to my right arm and partner Alberta Blandini and from 8 years to now we have created what today is Rossano Perini.

Experimentation, craftsmanship and Made in Italy are the key elements of my Rossano Perini world.

The denim and the noble cottons I use have always been at the heart of my offer thanks to an original focus on fit, going from Loose Fit to High Loose 70's style, from the timeless Skinny to Cargo and revisiting iconic fits such as Levis 501 for boyfriends, ending with the jogging suit.

The stars, a timeless must in the collection, together with games of color and prints, always bring out the originality of my collection. Sophisticated style, experimentation and hand made are the characteristic spirit of Rossano Perini, which has always been consumer oriented, based on sustainability, quality and distinguishing itself from what is on the market. The product offered by Rossano Perini in the FW 21/22 collection is entirely made in Veneto. 

Modifica © 2021 Berto
Modifica © 2021 Berto

"We try to enhance local craftsmanship and resources. I came into contact with the company Berto Ind. Tessile by knowing Anna Sartorato at a trade fair in Milan, who wanted to believe in me and in the project I wanted to develop, giving me an opportunity that few weavers give: to buy fabrics where we had low minimum order quantity, fast delivery and excellent quality. This has meant that today 97% of my collection is made with Berto fabric. They offered me an incredible service, trying to understand my needs and proposing me the fabrics that could best represent my product philosophy. This, for those who start a new path in our sector, is fundamental and I thank Berto for this collaboration".

Our collection is available in several stores both in Italy and abroad and you can also buy it directly from our e-shop at IG: rossano_perini_official”

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