A unique, “phygital”event to celebrate creativity: ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 Final Award Ceremony was a roaring success.

Promoted by ISKO along with its style and research hub Creative Room™, this first-rate international Denim Design competition crowned its winners, honoring and rewarding their talent and vision with an online celebration.

It is all about sharing knowledge and values, shaping ideas and – most of all – love for denim: this isISKO I-SKOOL™, the educational project started back in 2013 that has won the whole industry over year after year.

Aimed at providing hands-on experiences and actual tools to bridge the gap between the worlds of work and education, the program is in its 7th edition. This year, ISKO I-SKOOL™ welcomed students from the most prestigious fashion schools worldwide and Young Professionals at the early stage of their career, challenging them to use their imagination to create the denim of tomorrow according to a fully responsible Creative Theme.

On July 22, a special and “phygital” event announced this year’s winners in the presence of international denim experts, top personalities from the fashion world and the authoritative network of first-class partners of the project, which includes ISKO Vital+™, Itema, CadicaGroup, Cotton Incorporated, Replay and The Tailor Patter Support.

World’s  citizenship was  the  main  concept of ISKO I-SKOOL™  7’s Creative Theme, “North, East, South, West – connected by one planet”. The twenty shortlisted finalists were asked to dig into their roots and to approach different cultures, defining and tracking down the geography of the world connecting them through responsibility. In addition to exploring the planet both locally and globally, they were also required to take into account the product life cycle of their outfits – featuring a 5-pocket jeans to interpret their view on the “local” concept and two Denim Show Piecesto reflect their worldwide influences and topics of interest. These were made with top ISKO™ denim fabrics, meeting the designers’ needs and providing a strong sustainable ingredient.

Best Overall Look Award – Lee Da Young (c) 2020 ISKO
Best Overall Look Award – Lee Da Young (c) 2020 ISKO

As the current international scenario evolved, during the year, the project had to come to terms with the challenges that came with this new normal, reflecting the same vision that led ISKO to support the community with its ISKO Vital+™ Face Covers. Part of the company’s commitment to the development of technologies and innovations oriented towards health and wellness, these are engineered with comfort and sustainability in mind and they are made with organic cotton, resulting washable and reusable upto 15 times in their Premium line and up to 30 times for their Supreme range. So, ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 designers were asked to create their very own face cover, to complete their looks without compromising on creativity.

ISKO Vital+ Best Face Cover Award - Yao Ziyu (c) 2020 ISKO
ISKO Vital+ Best Face Cover Award - Yao Ziyu (c) 2020 ISKO

All this was also the source of inspiration for the Final Award Ceremony video performance. Picturing the idea of creative young people at home, during quarantine, and their routine made of  video  calls,house  chores,remote work  and digital  social  gatherings, ISKO  I-SKOOL™  7 embraced the idea of a new normal where it is important to play with every object available, keeping creativity trained and looking at everyday routine from a different perspective.

This concept enhanced the mood of each designer’s project, creating a modern oracle dressed in everyday and ready-made objects to evoke the denim dress designed by the students. In front of 3 predominant colors–yellow, pink and black–the oracle turns on itself motionless, making  symbolic  gestures while  standing  ona  rotating  platform representing the  compass. Representing the North-East-South-Westsymbol, it alludes to the various calls that from afar have been able to keep in touch friends and family from all over the world.

The result is a collective of individuals, isolated but united in a colorful party full of everyday objects, balloons, flowers and light.

In charge of identifying this year’s winners, the ISKO I-SKOOL™ jury included a selection of influential personalities  from  the  denim  industry,  relying  on  their  expertise  and  knowledge to choose the best creations. On July 21, they came together via Zoom to evaluate the 20 projects according  to  strict  criteria, such  as impact, storytelling and actual  marketability  of the garments.

Best 5-Pocket Jeans Fit Award – Morita Yurika (c) 2020 ISKO
Best 5-Pocket Jeans Fit Award – Morita Yurika (c) 2020 ISKO

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