ISKO partners with Bluesign

ISKO and Bluesign announce their partnership for the creation of a cleaner, safer, and transparent world of denim. ISKO just released its landmark Sustainability Report, setting the target of achieving bluesign® APPROVED accreditation by the end of 2020.

Denim is a timeless staple in wardrobes around the world. ISKO, the leading denim ingredient  brand,and  Bluesign,  the  architects  of  a  sustainable  and  responsible  textile  supply chain,  are  joining  forces  in  a  partnership. Alliances  like  this  are  the  source of  effective improvements.

ISKO  has  a  long-standing  commitment  to  ensure  the  integrity  of its  ingredients  and  the traceability of the fibers and materials used in its denim apparel.By releasing the Sustainability Report, ISKO again demonstrates its commitment to creating and designing denim apparel that has a positive connection with the planet. In this report, a primary target of ISKO is to achieve bluesign®  APPROVED  accreditation  for  its  denim  textiles,  attaining  the  strictest  industry standard for consumers and environment alike. 

With the goal of completing this process by the end of 2020, the company has already performed bluesign® COMPANY ASSESSMENT at an above-average level. This shows how ISKO anticipates changes rather than simply reacting to legal or stakeholder requirements, pursuing an approach that has a huge potential and includes several actions for further improvements.

Through this partnership, ISKO and Bluesign continue the movement of the textile and fashion industry into a future that pays more attention to people and the environment, because only when both are considered can the industry truly make a positive long-lasting impact. 

“ISKO, as the soul of jeans, has a vision for denim that is creative in design and innovative in the use of technologies. These distinct qualities in combination with a determined commitment to a sustainable supply chain makes ISKO a true leader in the textile industry. We look forward to the next impactful steps we will take together.” Jill Dumain, CEO, bluesign technologies.  

“As the leader of this industry, we feel it is our responsibility to be and act as a force for good. We have always prioritized transparency and accountability, highly valuing every improvement that  can  be  achieved  by  sharing  values  and  goals  through  partnerships.  This  one  makes  us particularly  proud,  as  it  raises  the  bar  of  our  efforts  and  challenges  us  to  maintain  our improvement efforts.”Ebru Ozkucuk Guler, Senior Sustainability & CSR Executive.

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