Geopower NPS will be demonstrated at KINGPINS

Finished with Geopower NPS (c) 2017 Garmon Chemicals
After six months of extensive industrial testing around the World, Geopower NPS – launched by Garmon Chemicals 6 months ago - has established itself as the true alternative to pumice stones in denim processing. Now Garmon Chemicals positions Geopower NPS as the breakthrough that has taken denim finishing by surprise.

Geopower NPS (= No pumice stone) is a truly exceptional compound that helps eliminate pumice stones from denim washing. Immediately after its official launch in April 2017 at Kingpins Amsterdam, Geopower NPS has made its way into the industrial practices of a number of global denim manufacturers. Nowadays, those leaders talk enthusiastically about this extraordinary conscious innovation and describe it as the rst and only chemical compound that truly helps reduce and even eliminate pumice stones from denim washing.

Mr. Stefano Aldighieri, President of Another Design Studio Inc. and Creative Director at Arvind Mills says: “I believe that Geopower NPS is getting signi cant traction because it helps us improve something that we have been doing for decades in our production; I look forward to seeing the day when we stop using pumice stones in our processes and their negative effect on our environment”.

Global markets are nding Geopower NPS surprising on 4 dimensions:

1.It is a real innovative step: the compound is more than an “enzyme”. It is a highly sophisticated and complex compound whose ingredients work in synergy on the indigo that is both on the bres and in the bath.

2.It is a design tool: it allows for heritage-rich looks on denim without the intervention of pumice stones and creates a range of very quintessential effects, helping brands to differentiate their offer as well.

3.It is the right thing to do: Geopower NPS is a genuinely responsible solution, taking a respectful distance from the misuse of the word sustainability and from all the opportunistic gimmickry out there.

4.It improves environmental impact and efficiencies: it propels industrial practices to the next stage in terms of optimization of the denim processing.

“Replacing an iconic process such as traditional stone wash with Geopower NPS was at times hard: it took people with vision and pioneer spirit. Those pioneers now have an incredible competitive advantage” says Garmon Chemicals’ Chief Marketing Officer, Alberto De Conti.


Digital innovations to show the facts at Kingpins.

In order to educate those visitors who are not familiar with denim garment processing and to provide the expert audience with a new and different experience, Garmon Chemicals has gone the extra mile. By tapping into the skills and equipment of the movie crew that documents the stunts of Moto GP superstar Valentino Rossi, Garmon Chemicals offers a virtual tour of a modern laundry. Visitors will be able to follow the route of jeans during some of the critical operations and will stumble into pumice stones along the way!

Kingpins’ guests also have the opportunity to experience the stylish creations of The Italian Job, sister company of Garmon Chemicals whose main mission is responsible chemistry applied to fashion. The Italian Job will be showcasing a startling product concept capsule entirely built on the stunning effects produced by Geopower NPS.

To show the facts behind the innovation, a special garment will be displayed at the Garmon Chemicals booth and, thanks to a dedicated augmented reality app, visitors will be able to see in detail every advantage generated by Geopower NPS being tested on a real pair of jeans.

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