Truetzschler GmbH & Co. KG
Duvenstrasse 82-92
41199 Moenchengladbach
Company Profile
With about 3000 employees, Trützschler is one of the world's leading textile machinery manufacturer. Trützschler specialises in machines, installations and accessories for spinning preparation, the nonwovens and man-made fiber industry. The headquarters of the more than 125 year old company is located in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The subsidiaries Trützschler Nonwovens and Man-Made Fiber GmbH with two production sites, and Trützschler Card Clothing GmbH, are also located in Germany. Sites in India, China, Brazil, USA and Switzerland, as well as a number of service centres, provide customer proximity in the important textile processing areas.
Supply Program
Preparatory machinery for cotton spinning systems
Bale breakers, bale pluckers
Blow room machines
Blending machines
Foreign fibre/part separators
Automatic feeding devices for carding machines
Drawing machines
Lap winders
Waste reclamation lines, tearers
Other preparatory machinery for cotton spinning systems

Preparatory machinery for bast fibre spinning systems
Opening, cleaning and blending machines

Automatic doffing, piecing and transport systems for spinning preparation and spinning machines and man-made fibre production
Automatic transport systems between spinning preparatory and spinning machines

Accessories for spinning preparatory machinery
Other accessories for spinning preparatory machinery

Software and systems for data monitoring and processing (CAM, incl. controls)
Data monitoring and control systems for the spinning and winding industry
Company Products

Trützschler IDF 2
The Integrated Draw Frame IDF 2 with automatic can changer

The integrated draw frame: Concept with savings potential

The production-related and economic advantages that can be achieved with the Integrated Draw Frame IDF 2 are enormous:
  • requires less space,
  • requires less cans,
  • simplifies can transport,
  • lowers power consumption and
  • reduces personnel and operating costs.
Never before was a fully-fledged leveller draw frame more compact The use of a simple drafting system at the card was never a satisfying technological solution since only a fully-fledged levelling draw frame could guarantee a high degree of quality. Trützschler combined the compactness of a simple drafting system with the performance of a leveller draw frame.

The characteristics:
  • Maintenance-free, digitally controlled servo drives
  • High levelling dynamics through low mass inertia
  • Draft up to 200% (2-fold)
  • Delivery speeds up to 700 m/min
  • Controlled material storage for trouble-free can changing
  • Trützschler quality sensors in the feed and delivery area
  • Permanent monitoring of sliver quality

The drafting system is integrated in the production flow / sliver run and consists of reliable components of the Trützschler draw frame. This includes also technical highlights, like for instance the pneumatic load of the top rolls.

Trützschler T­SCAN TS-T5
Over a thousand LEDs with assigned lenses ensure perfect illumination.

The new generation of foreign part separators

This machine presents the current high end of separation technology. The function, number of detection modules as well as lighting technology are unique in the market. Even problems concerning the detection of colourless and opaque, white PP have been eliminated.

The new T­SCAN TS-T5 presents a new generation and, compared to the SP-FPU, features two additional technologies:
  • F-Module - coloured/dark foreign parts
  • P-Module - transparent foreign parts
  • UV-Module - fluorescent foreign parts
  • G-Module - shiny foreign parts (NEW)
  • LED-lighting - small/tdin foreign parts (NEW)

Reliable detection and separation of foreign parts
The Trützschler T-SCAN TS-T5 is the most effective system for the separation of foreign parts. Five different detection technologies tailored to the requirements of foreign part separators are combined in one separator. Depending on type of contamination and further processing, the established Foreign Part Separator SP-FPU is also a good choice.

The new intelligent Truetzschler Card TC 19i
The new Truetzschler card generation TC 19i is a quantum leap in spinning preparation: It fulfils the dream of the self-optimizing card. The TC 19i meets demands on individual yarn quality never reached before.
This development was made possible by the pro­found know-how of the best carding technologists worldwide.

The intelligent concept is made possible by the three components:
  • Gap Optimizer T-GO – optimum carding gap even under changing production conditions
  • WASTECONTROL – best raw material utilisation and minimum waste
  • Reliable NEPCONTROL – continuous monitoring of the nep level in the card sliver
  • 3/1000" in self-optimizing precision
When the cotton fibers work their way from the bale to the yarn, the key point for yarn quality lies between the cylinder clothing and flats clothing.

This is where the quality originates – and the smaller the carding gap in cotton carding, the higher the quality. A constant minimum carding gap of 3/1000", for instance, is now automatically set even under changing production conditions.

This way it is possible to continuously and reliably realise the full quality potential.

Automatic Bale Opener BO-P

Automatic Bale Opener BO-P

The portal bale opener BO-P offers a larger working width with less space requirement and better blending.
  • 2.5 to 3.0 t material per hour
  • Up to 50?%* more working width
  • 30 to 45?% less space requirement
  • 25 to 40?% better blending
  • Up to 48?h unattended operation of a bale lay-down * compared to BO-A

Automatic Bale Opener BLENDOMAT BO-A

Maximum flexibility in terms of bale lay-down and work-off:
  • Opening of optimum quality chain
  • Production capacity up to 2,000 kg/h
  • Work-off of 1 to 3 bale groups
  • Lay-down (up to 200 bales) for long, unattended operation
  • Working width max. 2,300 mm, and machine length of 50 m and more
  • Two opening rolls ensure uniform production and tuft size
  • Separate lay-down for parallel lots
  • Simple and safe operation

Universal Bale Opener BO-U
  • The economical solution for small lots
  • Specific mixing of different material flows possible with additional trunks
  • In supplement to BO-A, dosed addition (of cleaned waste/sliver waste) possible

Bale Opener BO-E
  • The smaller and space-saving Bale Opener BO-E is ideal for medium production rates up to approx. 750 kg/h. Its technology is comparable to the one of the BO-U.

Waste Opener BO-R
  • The specially designed technology allows feeding of small amounts of waste such as card and draw frame slivers
  • Uniform feeding possible even at minimum production of 5 kg/h

Compact Bale Opener BO-C
  • Highest flexibility on smallest space by direct feeding of individual cards/card groups
  • Particularly suited for opening of man-made fibres at low and medium production rates

My Mill
The all-in-one platform

My Mill offers you a transparent view of your entire spinning mill and helps you with the digital transformation of your processes.

Achieve quick wins from day one and make informed, data-based management decisions.
Our Mill Monitoring System “My Mill” enables you to generate profits faster, bundle resources, optimize processes and save costs.
My Mill is web-based and works perfectly on all screen sizes and devices. Therefore you are always well informed and able to take action at any time.

My Mill consistently relies on the highest ­security standards, because the security of your data is extremely important to us.

Experience full transparency from the beginning

The My Mill Monitoring System shows all current information at a glance.
Whether information about your production, quality, maintenance or simply a complete overview - with My Mill your possibilities are almost limitless: from the complete installation to production lines to detailed analyses at machine level, everything is possible.

Through the detailed analyses with My Mill, you can guarantee a consistently high quality in spinning preparation; because this is where the quality of the end product is produced.

Optimization – Focus on what‘s important.

An easy to understand data preparation enables you to discover optimization potentials immediately and to plan your resources sensibly.

Fault statistics, shift data and quality comparisons provide a solid entry point. In addition to Truetzschler machines, My Mill can also be used for data from other manufacturers. Truetzschler sees itself as an innovation leader and is constantly expanding the scope of cloud-based software. Of course, My Mill provides you with the possibilities of the latest AI systems. In the future, for example, it will be possible to predict the failure of certain components and extremely simplify complicated processes through the automated evaluation of a single photo.