Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A.
Via Udine, 105
33170 Pordenone (PN)
Company Profile
For 100 years, Savio Textile Machinery has given an important contribution to the development of the Italian textile industry in the world. Founded in Pordenone in 1911 by entrepreneur Marcello Savio as a small workshop for the production of textile componentes for the local textile industry, is today the leading company in manufacturing machines for yarn finishing. SAVIO now operates worldwide in the production and marketing of automatic winders, TFO twisters and rotor spinning machines with manufacturing facilities in Italy, China and India. This evolution was accomplished through time by taking as points of reference, the research and development, and a strong orientation to the maximum production flexibility, while maintaining high quality standards. This focus has resulted in a very strong driving force that led the company to build a production system evolved to respond quickly to the demands of the textile industry worldwide. A total quality system ISO9001-2008 certified permeates the company as a whole and can offer the market a wide range of increasingly advanced textile machines with excellent performance and high reliability under all conditions. A market approach that involves the network of partner companies in all parts of the world, distinguishing Savio as a company constantly close to customer needs. A direct sales presence in over 60 countries worldwide, servicing and site maintenance, training courses for technicians.
Production programme:
Automatic winders mod. POLAR
Two-for-one twisters mod. SIRIUS
Open end rotor spinning frame mod. FLEXIROTORS 3000
Electronic assembly winders mod. AES PHOENIX
Winders for continuous shrinking and bulking mod. ESPERO VOLUFIL
Supply Program
Spinning machines
Rotor spinning machines

Winding and reeling and covering machinery
Cone and cheese winders

Yarn steaming, setting, moistening and coating machinery
Other yarn steaming, setting and moistening machinery

Doubling and twisting machinery for staple fibre and filament yarns
Doubling machines
Two-for-one twisters
Company Products
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