Dilo, Oskar Maschinenfabrik KG
Im Hohenend 11
69412 Eberbach
Company Profile
DiloSystems is the leading supplier of complete nonwovens lines. Since the formation of Dilo System Group, over 200 complete lines have been supplied worldwide. DiloSystems is the engineering partner for your production needs and is offering any staple fibre web forming and consolidation technology. We are specialized in the field of needling technology but also supply complete lines for thermobonding (calendering and thermofusion) or water-entangling together with partners. DiloSystems engineers lines for any type of fibre, working width, weight and field of application including floor and wall coverings, household wipes, personal and baby care wipes, medical and cosmetic products, synthetic leather, mattress and bedding pads, technical felts for automotive applications, heat and sound insulation, geotextiles, filtration felts, paper machine clothing felts and any other staple fibre application. Virtually any type of fibrous material may be processed on card and crosslapper web forming lines or aerodynamic web forming machines: man-made fibre such as polypropylene, polyester, polyacrylic, polyamide, polyaramid etc., man-made mineral fibre such as glass, rock wool, and ceramic fibre or natural fibre like flax, hemp, jute, kenaf, curaroa, sisal, coir fibre, cotton and wool.

DiloSystems engineers the special lines including production calculation and quality definition. Our quotations for the whole line package include: machine hardware and electrical installation for synchronization, automation and line operation. The computer controls with graphic menu screens include software features for highly efficient production, operation and maintenance. Storage is provided for production recipes, access levels for production and service and error messages.

A complete line installation from DiloSystems has many advantages. Throughout the entire selection and evaluation process from purchase to production and beyond, you do not have to talk to many different companies, and you do not have to co-ordinate all commercial, legal and technical details. These advantages are of particular importance in conjunction with the capital and ROI analysis, in the purchasing, installation, start-up, production, service and the warranty phase of your investment. The sole contractor, DiloSystems, is assuming the co-ordination responsibilities and assures not only delivery time, efficiency and productive capacity of the plant, but also the quality of your final product.

DiloSystems not only coordinates the manufacturing and delivery of excellent machinery, but also provides professional training and service during installation, start-up and the maintenance cycle of the equipment. Superior machinery is combined within one state-of-the-art production line! We are ready to supply you with The Line Made In Germany!
Supply Program
Equipment and products to ensure machinery and plant operations
Air humidifiers

Auxiliary machinery for washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, drying, finishing, cutting, rolling and folding
Winding and plaiting devices
Other auxiliary machinery for washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, drying, finishing, cutting, rolling and folding

Preparatory machinery for worsted, semi-worsted and or woollen spinning systems
Opening lines for raw wool
Opening, cleaning and blending lines

Preparatory machinery for bast fibre spinning systems
Other preparatory machinery for bast fibre spinning systems
Opening, cleaning and blending machines

Auxiliary machinery and devices for spinning preparation and spinning and man-made fibre production
Additional devices (e.g. humidifying, waxing, oiling)

Equipment for recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention and accessories
Other equipment for waste reduction and pollution prevention
Equipment for the separation of solid, fluid and gaseous substances from exhaust air and exhaust water

Machinery for web formation
Feeding devices
Web drafting machines
Other machinery for web formation
Bale breakers, bale pluckers
Web laying machines
Opening, cleaning, blending and dosing machines
Machines for aerodynamic web formation

Machinery for bonding and finishing of nonwovens
Needle felting machines
Other machinery for bonding and finishing of nonwovens

Auxiliary machinery and devices for web formation, bonding and finishing of nonwovens and felting
Other auxiliary machinery for web formation, bonding and finishing of nonwovens and felting
Company Products
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