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Rosink to modernise Carding Room of German Textile Producer Hof Garn GmbH

HOF GARN GMBH, A GERMAN TEXTILE PRODUCER CHOOSES ROSINK TO MODERNISE THEIR CARDING ROOM Hof Garn, a German Textile Producer, in deciding to modernise their Carding facilities has placed an
order for 48 High Performance Linear Can Coilers with Rosink Maschinenfabrik. Rosink has been Manufacturing Coilers in Nordhorn/Germany for 50 years with over 35,000 units installed world wide. Hof Garn is retrofitting the new RS KWS 1000 Coiler on to existing Rieter C4 Cards.The Retrofitting of these new Coilers with their low maintenance Independent Servo Drives and SPS PLC units will increase production and greatly reduce labour requirements and maintenance costs.At a time when 90% of Rosink's production in exported, Rosink Staff & Management are particularly honoured to receive this order from Hof Garn.

Rosink GmbH + Co., Maschinenfabrik
Agnès Laloy, Sales Manager - Export
Email: Laloy@ROSINK.DE
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