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Bringing the shoe sector up to speed

Tricot machine with four guide bars (c) 2013 Karl Mayer
KARL MAYER has completed its TM machine series in time for Shanghaitex at the beginning of June this year. Until now, this successful machine series has been made up of the TM 2, TM 3, TM 4-T and TM 4-T EL.

The new TM 4 – a four-bar tricot machine for producing high-quality plain fabrics efficiently

The new TM 4 machine with four guide bars can produce plain fabrics and thus complements the TM 4-T, which is designed to produce terry fabrics. The technical platform of both machines is the same and their performance features are comparable. Speeds of up to 1,400 min-1, user-friendliness, and a high product quality make the new TM 4 extremely interesting for producing apparel fabrics as well as semi-technical textiles, particularly shoe fabrics.

Technical details
The knitting motion and needle tool of the existing four-bar TM machine were modified to enable plain fabrics to be produced. Just like the TM 4-T, the machine for producing plain fabrics can either be fitted with an EL or an N drive for moving the ground guide bars. The EL version in particular enables a wider variety of patterns to be produced. In conjunction with the KAMCOS® system and the Multi Speed facility for controlling the warp beam let-off and fabric take-down, the TM 4 with electronic control operates sequentially and can easily work different sections of the pattern next to each other, for example.

Batchers no. 6 and no. 34 are available for winding up the final fabric. A frame with four positions for mounting warp beams having a diameter of 32" is available for delivering the yarn. The standard working width of the new TM 4 is 186" and the gauges are E 28 and E 32. Additional gauges are available on request if needed.

Market launch
The new TM 4 was premiered at this year’s Shanghaitex fair and will be built by KARL MAYER (China) in Changzhou City. “With the TM 4, we have completed our twin product line strategy for our tricot machines. For all our two-, three- and four-bar machines, there is now a high-performance, high-tech range equipped with carbon-fibre bars as standard, i.e. our HKS machines and the price-optimised TM series catering for the mid-range sector. “We are expecting good sales opportunities in the future, particularly in those applications where there is a need for flexible patterning and shorter runs,” said Oliver Mathews when talking about the sales potential of this latest addition to the TM series of machines.

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