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SHIMA SEIKI releases new i-PlatingTM option

Leading computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan has released a new “i-PlatingTM” option on select models in its line of computerized knitting machines.

Unlike conventional plating techniques, i-PlatingTM offers so-called inverse-plating capability in which alternate yarns are both shown on the fabric surface in any specific pattern or design, producing jacquard-like patterns in plain jersey stitch. i-PlatingTM goes a step further, overcoming current limitations in inverse-plating by offering this capability within the same course and for individual needles for greater efficiency and expanded patterning capability.

i-PlatingTM is offered exclusively as a factory-installed option on SVR093SP and SVR123SP computerized flat knitting machines. Both machines feature special loop pressers for producing inlay patterns that yield novel knit-weave hybrid fabrics. By combining i-PlatingTM with inlay capability on SVR093SP and SVR123SP, a whole new world of patterning becomes available for truly diverse knit design.

Pic: Knit fabric using i-Plating option (c) 2017 Shima Seiki
Pic: Knit fabric using i-Plating option (c) 2017 Shima Seiki

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