ITMA-Asia + CITME-2014


DORNIER comes to ITMA Asia + CITME 2014 with the motto The Green Machine

DORNIER Air-Jet Weaving Machine A1, type AWS 6/J G at BONAS booth E1/C01 will be presented for the first time in Asia (c) 2014 Lindauer DORNIER
While the whole world is impressed by the long lasting high economic growth rate in East Asia, booming building industry and substantial achievements in technology, in the meantime, environmental pollution is increasing drastically hand in hand like a twin brother. 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the whole world are in China. For instance, in the million-strong metropolis of Shanghai, the sun is rarely visible.

Air with heavy smog, contaminated rivers and lakes represent a serious problem which cause more and more rise in public consciousness.
The current Chinese five-year-plan deals continually with the environmental challenges, even with greater efforts and determination in order to reach a sustainable development, as well as as less pollution as possible.

DORNIER (Hall E2, Booth D03) as a family owned German company produces its system family weaving machines, comprising various types of rapier weaving machines and air-jet weaving machines, implementing innovative and sustainable machine concepts for the production of sophisticated fabrics to elimate the pollution of air, water, soil or the like. Furthermore DORNIER weaving machines are market leaders in producing fabrics to protect against unwanted ultraviolet sunlight, fire and even bullets from fire arms.

Under the new motto The Green Machine DORNIER sets its focus on sophisticated technical textiles for the protection of men and environment, as, for instance, protective clothing.

We are happy to present our technological know-how of high-quality solutions at the ITMA Asia in Shanghai. We see ourselves as experienced partner to provide backing in Asias environmental endeavors. Our mission is to make contribution to a more pleasant environment, says Mr. Peter D. Dornier, CEO of the Lindauer DORNIER GmbH.

In Hall E2, Booth D03, DORNIER presents a rapier weaving machine type P1, of model PTS 4/S C, nominal width 220 cm, with a high density filter fabric and an air-jet weaving machine type A1 of model AWS 8/S G, nominal width 190 cm, with a complex awning fabric.

Pic: DORNIER Rapier Weaving Machine P1, type PTS 8/S20 C

In cooperation with Bonas (Hall E1, Booth CO1), a DORNIER air-jet weaving machine type A1, of model AWS 6/J G, nominal width 220 cm, with a style for automobile seat covers will be shown. The compact system was developed in cooperation and will be shown for the first time in Asia at the ITMA Asia.

At STUBLIs Booth, (Hall E2, Booth E01), a DORNIER rapier weaving machine type P1, of model PTS 16/J G, nominal width 190 cm, will be shown with a high-quality Jacquard fabric for the home textiles sector.

Both of the rapier weaving machines and the air-jet weaving machine on the DORNIER Booth are equipped with the innovative FT (Fast-Ethernet-Technology) control system which guarantees high reliability and efficiency in woven fabric production as well as the new, patented, DORNIER drive concept SyncroDrive. An electrical control line to a separate drive replaces the mechanical connection between weaving machine and shedding device. Realization of the dynamic change of close of shed when the machine is running also meets the requirements of demanding weavers.

DORNIER' s long-standing, Asian customers constantly benefit from these technical continuous developments and are thereby able to establish themselves steadily on the home and apparel textiles market. The success of their demanding customers proves that the customizable weaving machines are a warrant for a prosperous and innovative future. This means DORNIER can be relied upon for special demands.

The many years of experience in development of technical textiles are reflected in the ideal conception of the DORNIER weaving machine, especially for producing protective textiles for people and Environment.

Pic: DORNIER Air-Jet Weaving Machine A1, type AWS 4/S12 G

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