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Monforts technology a hit with filter media manufacturer

A selection of ‘Needlona®’ filter media from BWF Envirotec. Acknowledgements: BWF Envirotec (c) 2017
Major filter media manufacturer, BWF Envirotec, with headquarters in Germany has invested in the latest Monforts Montex 8500TT stenter and related equipment.
BWF Envirotec is the leading provider of filter media for industrial filtration and solid/liquid separation with manufacturing sites throughout the world. It produces over nine million ready-to-install filter media annually under the brand names needlona® and PM-Tec® . as well as Pyrotex® KE filter elements for hot gas filtration.

Some of the chief areas where its needlefelt and glass fabric filter media and filter elements are employed are in biomass or coal-fired power stations, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in asphalt, steel and cement plants.

Of specific interest to BWF Envirotec in selecting the new Montex 8500TT stenter was its ability to thermally set PTFE fabrics without oil greasing in the stenter chain and in the width adjustment.

“This protects workers and the environment from harmful oil vapours and keeps the filter material clean,” explained Jürgen Hanel, Monforts Head of Technical Textiles.

“The guarantee of reaching 320°C with a very low temperature tolerance and with an excellent housing insulation is a major advantage, so that an outside temperature over 60°C is never reached at any position.”

The Montex 8500TT stenter is ideal for the preparation of filter materials offering a stenter frame for the drying and finishing of both wovens and nonwovens, high stretching devices in both length and weft direction up to 10,000N and at high operating temperatures up to 320°C.

Optionally the company offers coating and printing heads for the application of chemical compounds together with padders and foam-padders for foam and liquor applications

Belt dryers for light as well as very heavy materials are available. The Montex stenter features chains with pins and clips or the combination of both.

Calenders for the flattening and compaction of the filter materials can be added, offering working widths from 80cm up to seven metres and explosion proof versions and dryers are available for treatment with solvents.

Monforts offer a wide range of production machines for filter materials, all of which are being developed and manufactured in Europe.

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