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The next AACHEN-DRESDEN-DENKENDORF INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE CONFERENCE will take place in Stuttgart on November 30 – December 1, 2017. Now the organizers are calling for papers for experts from the fields of Materials, Chemistry, Finishing & Functionalization, and Machines, Processes & Composites. The deadline for the submission of abstracts for oral presentations is March 31, 2017 and the deadline for poster presentations the August 31, 2017.
With the partner country USA, ADD ITC continues their tradition of offering a platform for new research co-operations and networks beyond Germany by involving annually alternating partner countries.

Aachen, Dresden and Denkendorf, together, lead the International Textile Conference into the Future

Since 2007 the textile research institutes of the regions of Aachen and Dresden have jointly organized the Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference. Boasting over 700 participants most recently, this conference counts as one of the most important textile conference in Europe. Since 2016, the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research, Denkendorf (DITF) is also a co-organizer.

Thus, the Aachen-Dresden-Denkendorf International Textile Conference will take place on a yearly alternating basis at one of the three sites. Parallel to the International Textile Conference, the organizers respectively launch the German Textile Colloquium as a national pendant with changing special themes in the spring.

Pic: ADD ITC always attracts a lot of attendees

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Abstracts should refer to plenary sessions and special symposia in the areas of
Development and production of high performance fibers and yarns
  • Potential of chemical and physical fiber modifications for the fiber industry
  • Market opportunities through new fiber types, processes and equipment (polymer synthesis, primary spinning, …)
  • Secondary spinning – new approaches for production
  • New impulses from the clothing industry, engineering and research for the development of sustainable fibers and yarns (bio-based fibers, new recycling strategies)
  • Fiber and technology developments for the optimization of the carbon fiber production
  • New developments and future trends of (high performance) fiber types (e.g. carbon fibers, polyaromatic fibers, ceramic fibers etc.)

Development and production of 3D system-integrated fiber compounds for automotive, construction and architecture

  • Insight into new advanced materials – simulation and testing systems
  • Potentials of polymer matrix materials and functionalization
  • Bionic structures – new developments in building component construction
  • Shaped fiber compounds – new approaches and developments
  • Technologies for applications in the automotive industry and construction
  • New developments in process technology

Medical textiles / Medical technologies

  • Drug delivery: Functionalization of fiber-based medical devices for the specific support of healing processes
  • New polymeric biomaterials for implantation and regenerative medicine
  • Resorbable polymeric implants for the support of regenerative processes
  • Monitoring and control of healing processes with sensory and actuatory medical devices
  • Textile-based solutions in personalized medicine for support in therapy
  • Fiber-based cell scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Nonwovens for wound treatment and hygiene
Transfer Session ”From Idea to Practice“
  • Presentation of innovations (e.g. products, technologies, processes) transferred into the industry from research co-operations, especially by IGF/ZIM

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