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Naia™ Renew is the innovative, sustainable ingredient behind the Desigual x Maitrepierre Slim Midi Dress

Every seam bursts with color, creativity, and sustainability in the unique Slim Midi Dress born from the latest collaboration between Desigual and Maitrepierre, presented in two multicolor cosmic prints and black.

Sourced from renewable wood pulp and hard-to-recycle waste material, NaiaTM Renew cellulosic fibers are the perfect choice to express creativity in sustainability, as part of the collaboration between Desigual and Maitrepierre.

This fitted strappy dress features a second-skin effect stretch fabric which is made with 91% NaiaTM Renew, the innovative solution that NaiaTM from Eastman created to move in the direction of large-scale circularity for fashion. Produced from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified* recycled waste materials, NaiaTM Renew creates the same top-quality fabrics as traditional NaiaTM fibers, but with a reduced carbon footprint of nearly 35% — and it’s available at scale.

The NaiaTM promise to provide “Sustainable style your way” proved to be an important, as well as stylish, asset as part of this collection which also includes organic cotton and certified materials and processes. 

Discover the Desigual x Maitrepierre Slim Midi Dress on Desigual


*Mass balance approach 

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