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Halti's urban parka made from SPINNOVA® fibre in stores in April

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Halti’s Kallio® collection features a windproof parka made from SPINNOVA® fibre and cotton. The parka will be available in Stockmann’s Halti store (4th floor) and online from April 4th. The parka is designed in Finland and manufactured in Estonia.

Finnish outdoor clothing and equipment brand Halti and manufacturer of sustainable textile fibre Spinnova release the Cyclus unisex parka in stores in April. The parka is part of the Kallio® by Halti collection, which includes technical and timeless styles for the urban environment. The parka will be available as a limited batch.

The Cyclus unisex parka is a modern tribute to Halti's roots in the world of outdoor activities and natural fibers. These roots inspire the colors, style, and materials of the parka jacket. The parka is made from environmentally friendly SPINNOVA® fibre and cotton and dyed using Imogo’s sustainable technology from Sweden. Very little water and no harmful chemicals are used in the production of SPINNOVA® fibre. The fibre is also entirely biodegradable and recyclable. Sustainability and easy repair are considered in every detail in the design as well as the recyclability of materials. The parka is a unisex model and its market suggested retail price is €399.

“This has been a learning process in the use of new fibres and responsible dyeing technology in textile production. A timeless parka suitable for everyday wear was selected as our first joint product with Spinnova,” says Aki Kuusilehto, CEO of Halti.

“In the design, I wanted to go back to Halti’s roots – not as a replica but as a modern urban tribute. The starting points for the design were timelessness, technical functionality, and respect for nature. These criteria led us to choose SPINNOVA® fibre as the main material. The parka withstands various weather conditions, can be easily repaired, and its materials can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle,” explains Halti’s designer Hanna Koivula. 

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