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TENCEL™ fibers for more comfort through Micro technology

Lenzing booth at Premère Vision in Paris (c) 2019 Lenzing
At the Première Vision Lenzing presents TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers with Micro technology for enhanced comfort. Lenzing is with its fine fiber portfolio an expert in producing and marketing of Microfibers for the textile industry and gives this specialty fiber category a new boost.

Consumers want more comfort

An increasing number of consumers are choosing clothing for its feel-good factor. Comfort plays a key role. The parameters of the softness, lightness and smoothness of textiles are critical for the wearer’s well-being. With its fine fibers based on wood, Lenzing offers the solution for fashion with lots of comfort.

Specialist in fine fibers

Lenzing’s fiber portfolio boasts a wide range of fine fibers for the textile and fashion industry. Light and smooth fabrics can be designed with these fibers which are a major contributor towards the comfort of the clothing and the wearer’s well-being. TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers are produced in titers of 1.00 – 0.80 dtex using Micro technology and processed to lightweight fabrics. “The trend is clearly towards greater comfort. Our fibers produced with Micro technology are the ideal solution and support this trend. Textiles of fine TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers feel like a second skin. The fibers are frequently used in lingerie and luxurious homewear”, explains Andreas Dorner, Commercial Director Textiles Europe & Americas.

Softness, smoothness, lightness, more drape

Fine fibers ensure a silky and pleasant feeling on the skin. A clothing of TENCEL™ Lyocell or Modal fibers, produced with Micro technology, is light on the skin and has a flowing drape. It is defined by feel-good properties like silkiness, softness and long lasting suppleness. Softness is one of the determining parameters for well-being. The finer the fibers used in the textiles are, the softer they become. With TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers with Micro technology, comfort is supported in different products.

Andreas Dorner, Regional Commercial Director Textiles Europe & Americas and Claudia Mommer, Product Manager, Business Management Textile (c) 2019 Lenzing
Andreas Dorner, Regional Commercial Director Textiles Europe & Americas and Claudia Mommer, Product Manager, Business Management Textile (c) 2019 Lenzing

Furthermore TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers with Micro technology are naturally smooth and supple as tests1 confirm. The combination of smoothness and softness is crucial for textiles that are gentle on the skin. Another characteristic of textiles made out of Lenzing’s fine fibers is a flowing drape, which gives an attractive appearance.

Lenzing’s fine fibers result in the finest of yarns which can be processed to very light knitted and woven fabrics. They are so light that one can barely feel the clothing.

Tested and retested

As softness is key for a comfortable textile, Lenzing is investigating in this parameter to prove this characteristic, which is going to make Lenzing an expert for softness assessments in textiles, applying instrumental as well as human hand feel panel with trained experts. The Lenzing panel, which consists of Lenzing employees with different expertises, provides precise evaluation of textile hand feel parameters such as softness, smoothness and drape. The panel is supported by physical measurement methods and comparative external expert and consumer evaluations. One of these panels can be seen at the Première Vision at the Lenzing booth.

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