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Teijin Group celebrates Centennial and looks toward next hundred years

Teijin Limited commemorated the 100th anniversary of its establishment as a company on June 17. As it looks back over its century of history, Teijin is also taking the opportunity to look toward the next hundred years, unveiling a new global message of FUTURE NAVIGATION as it pursues its long-term vision of aiming to be an enterprise that supports the society of the future.

Teijin is also marking its centennial with the THINK HUMAN PROJECT, a symbolic initiative that puts the FUTURE NAVIGATION message into practice.

Teijin was founded in 1918 as Japan’s first rayon manufacturer, and has retained the global mindset and adventurous spirit of its early days in the years since. Over its century of history, Teijin has grown its business and expanded into new fields through chemical technology, cutting-edge research and development, and epochal innovations, embracing ceaseless evolution and ambition.

The Teijin Group currently implements its operations based on existing materials business field with its own high-performance materials, and health care business including pharmaceuticals and home healthcare equipment, and also develops new business fields to create new value.

In future, the Teijin Group will further leverage its capabilities by business synergies and technical innovations, focusing on both materials and healthcare business fields as the two pillars, supported by its ICT technical basis, and create and deliver Teijin’s own distinctive solutions that help to solve social issues.

On the occasion of its centennial, the Teijin Group launches the message of “Toward the future we all desire: FUTURE NAVIGATION”, focusing on the quality of life (QOL) for future humanity.


Technology will continue to advance as it has been so in the past 100 years. However, technology must not be allowed to overwhelm humanity. Chemistry must comprehend and care for humanity.

If Teijin’s chemistry can understand humanity better, if it can develop hopes for future of humanity and evolve improving QOL, then Teijin can help lead the way toward the world we all desire.

Based on a long-term vision encompassing the entire century to come, FUTURE NAVIGATION is a message that Teijin’s long experience of resolving the issues that face humanity have conveyed. With eyes on future QOL for humanity, the Teijin Group will show the way to the world that humanity all desire.

To achieve this goal, Teijin will break through its passive attitude of providing solutions to existing issues and explore its chemistry beyond materials and products to reach services, systems, and even interpersonal connections, creating new value that has never existed before.

By expanding the field of chemistry, the Teijin Group will become an enterprise that puts people first in its thinking—a proactive force for improving QOL for future humanity.


Technological evolution in recent years has given us an ever-changing world.

As the evolution deepens into uncharted territory, what is happening to the journey of humanity itself?

Teijin has put people first in its thinking for the past century.

The message, “Toward the future we all desire: FUTURE NAVIGATION” encapsulates Teijin’s goal of finding solutions for future humanity.

THINK HUMAN PROJECT has personal and social divisions and identified key elements that Teijin will explore its ideas for humanity, through by analysis and researches then publish the results.

Based on the FUTURE NAVIGATION message, the THINK HUMAN PROJECT marks Teijin’s centennial with nine individual research programs looking beyond the traditional bounds of chemistry to create solutions in anticipation of future humanity needs.  Activity on these programs is already well underway.

Each of the nine project teams has been assigned a theme drawn from the key elements of humanity, and is explore the themes using a variety of angles and approaches. Project team members are selected from the Teijin Group employees over the globe. The teams will deepen their understanding of today’s humanity by their rich creativities cultivated by their experiences in Teijin and research for ways to improve QOL for future humanity and investigate their challenging hypotheses in collaboration with external esperts.

Progresses will be accessible through Teijin’s centennial anniversary website (https://100.teijin.co.jp/en Opening a new window/) and the results are expected to be announced later this year.


PROJECT 01: Environment     What will the society realized by circular economy be like?

PROJECT 02: Aging - what does aging mean in the 100-year-life?

ROJECT 03: Sensitivity - Does sensitivity value in communication?

PROJECT 04: Clothing - What can we learn from biomimetics in clothing?

PROJECT 05: Humanness - What will humanity be like when a human can augment functions of him/herself?

PROJECT 06: Mobility - How will automatic driving vehicles change the value in living sphere?

PROJECT 07: Super-aged society - What will super-aged society change the way of lifestyles?

PROJECT 08: Living space - How environment of living spaces reflect biological clocks?

PROJECT 09: Food - How will commodification change dining experiences?

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