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CHIC YOUNG BLOOD Beijing 26-28th Oct 2012

CHIC YOUNG BLOOD 2012 will take place at 751 D-Park in Beijing
The second edition of CHIC YOUNG BLOOD prepares for a special fashion & lifestyle festival devoted to the generation Y. Under the slogan ‚FREEDOM AND EXPRESSION’ an exceptional get-together will take place. It is a new platform created by CHIC, Asia’s largest trade show.

+ Fashion Culture inspired by street and young urban lifestyle

+ Parallel to CHIC YOUNG BLOOD at 751 D-Park: Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week

+ International brands contributing to “Fashionable Energy”

+ Skateboarding contest under the umbrella of DC Shoes and BRIGHT skateboarding tradeshow

+ Exciting fashion events like fashion talk with Chinese-American artist Jeff Staple and fashionista Nicole Chen

+ Charity event ‚Love Package Project’ organized by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

It will show a fantastic mix of fashion and lifestyle showing styles from hip-pop, graffiti, electronic music and X-sports. CHIC YOUNG BLOOD offers an overview on young trendy fashion styles and combines it with the culture of this generation. It transports ideas on lifestyle of the growing fashion conscious young generation to professionals in this business such as department stores, shopping malls, fashion buyers. CHIC YOUNG BLOOD replies to the demand of building up new shopping systems and at the same time to the demand of young people.
A world of inspiration offers the new platform of CHIC YOUNG BLOOD: the famous art district in Beijing 751 D-PARK. The environment of retro charm turns into an emotional atmosphere with old turbines, power plants and restored manufacturing halls of the past. This area concentrates numerous galleries, small stores and little restaurants emphasize design style. With Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week at the same time another important meeting point for the world of fashion has been created.

Passion for Fashion and Exotic Fashion Design Ideas
The organizers of CHIC YOUNG BLOOD underline the importance of original design expressing fresh power and passion. Talented original Chinese design and exotic international design come together. CHIC YOUNG BLOOD is highlighting brands like TeenTeam, Fiv5-S, Float, Lifecycle, Lyrique, inmix, murster, Woundplast, Navel and other popular fashion brands with unique brand concepts and innovative products.
Brands like CH’IN, Havaianas, MCJH&TWJ, DEPOT3, VU, 004, sneakymob, Bless, YUZUKI S. Lazy Sunday are participating in order to achieve more commercial opportunities.
DC Shoes and BRIGHT feature famous European skateboarding artists A highlight of CHIC YOUNG BLOOD will be the skateboarding performance of Karsten Kleppan from Norway and Steve Forstner from the USA under the umbrella of BRIGHT tradeshow Berlin. This initiative is the kick-off of the cooperation between CHIC YOUNG BLOOD and Europe’s first skateboard trade show!

The skate park comprising 300 sq.m. at the power square of CHIC YOUNG BLOOD will be sponsored by DC Shoes. The American brand has got its Asian head office in Beijing. Within the last two years DC Shoes records a double-digit expansion rate in the Chinese market.
Structure of the Fair
CHIC YOUNG BLOOD performs at 12.000 sq.m. divided into three areas:
Conducting Space, Power Square and Fashion Cloister. A special magnetic appeal will be given by the shows, events, and talks within the Conducting Space – forum for information and entertainment. 

Freedom and Expression

Inspiring 'Fashionable Energy'
As a brain pool acts the 'Relay Fashion Talk' where various fashion ideas, new trends, marketing, brand building and lifestyle will be discussed. Special guest will be the Chinese-American artist Jeff Staple and fashionista Nicole Chen. The charity sale of Copenhagen Fur Decorations is focussing on creation but is also taking care of others with their 'love package project' organized by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Fun and fantasy rules the PARTY NIGHT on the 26th where fashion brands, pioneer designers and hipsters enjoy music, dance and cool food together.

The Trendsetters
Jeff Staple, the pioneer of Staple Design, Staple Clothing, Reed Space, a graphic designer, a fashion designer, an artist, a DJ and an author. His 'pigeon pattern' went around the world. He is a popular guest professor at many US institutes. Coming directly from New York he will contribute with his ideas to the new lifestyle forum for the generation Y. Nicole Chen – founder and CEO of NC.STYLE disposes of a 20 year experience of fashion operation and founded the first international fashion brand agency and public relations marketing company in China. She is considered as the fashion icon in China. Zhao Qian is China's director of 'Fashion in Life'. He attends the fair as pioneer designer presenting his new creations showing the international level of design Chinese designers already achieved. Jim Skwak, the illustrator from France, presents his brand Sneaky Mob. His graphics are known as 'Crazy World'.
Dominic Johnson-Hill started the Woundplast T-shirt business showing
characteristic elements of Beijing inspired by the neon lights of the karaoke bars as source of his creativity.
CHIC YOUNG BLOOD takes over the leading role of a young fashion brands assembly. The fair is informing on original design and lifestyle from all over the world, giving new reflections on trends and marketing for the young style generation and is building a new platform in Asia to attract professionals and profashionals of a special segment: Street/Urban/Denim/Sportswear.

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