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Under the leitmotiv "Intuition", MUNICH FABRIC START invites the fashion industry to reconnect with its inner voice on September 3-4, 2024. With around 1,000 collections from international exhibitors spread over 42,500 square meters, the trade show offers a comprehensive platform for the latest trends, materials, and technologies for Autumn.Winter 2025/26. Highlights include a live trend lecture by Li Edelkoort and innovative trend forums. BLUEZONE focuses on denim, street, and sportswear, while KEYHOUSE presents progressive innovations.

The fashion industry should rely more on intuition. On September 3-4, 2024, MUNICH FABRIC START will focus exactly on that – exciting highlights, groundbreaking innovations, and aesthetically demanding trend areas designed to encourage the industry to trust and dare more. Under the guiding theme "INTUITION", MUNICH FABRIC START showcases a variety of new trends, innovative materials, and technologies that will have a lasting impact on the fashion world.

The upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START will once again become a central meeting point for the European fashion scene, covering a total area of 42,500 square meters. The event brings together designers, product managers, and fashion creators to discover the latest trends for the Autumn.Winter 2025/26 season in around 1,000 collections from international premium manufacturers. With a clear structure and focused offerings in eight areas – ADDITIONALS, FABRICS, ReSOURCE, BLUEZONE, DESIGN STUDIOS, KEYHOUSE, SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS, and THE SOURCE – MUNICH FABRIC START provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant developments in the fashion industry.

One of the highlights at MUNICH FABRIC START will be the live event by Li Edelkoort, held as a private lecture on September 4, 2024, from 11:00am to 1:00pm at MOC Munich. As a globally recognized trend forecaster, Edelkoort will offer insights into upcoming fashion trends and present her trend forecast for fashion, textiles, and colour for the Autumn.Winter 2025/26 season. Additionally, the show is now more compressed by shortening its duration from three to two days, catering to the industry's need for more focused events with shorter travel times. This strategic alignment addresses current market trends, the needs of exhibitors and visitors, and changes in travel and budget habits within the industry.

Innovatively designed trend forums and presentations will provide a concentrated overview of the latest aesthetic and technological developments. MUNICH FABRIC START once again proves to be an unparalleled all-in-one sourcing solution, uniting the entire fashion ecosystem in one place: short distances, a highly professional working environment, numerous familiar faces, and a central, internationally well-connected location in the heart of Europe.

„The upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START offers an inspiring journey to our intuition. In a dynamic industry constantly shaped by innovations and changes, we create a platform that is both aesthetically and commercially pioneering, featuring an impressive selection of high-quality, internationally renowned exhibitors and exciting innovations from all areas of the textile industry. We are particularly proud that Li Edelkoort once again will hold one of her groundbreaking trend lectures with us,“ says Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START.

Frank Junker, Creative Director & Partner MUNICH FABRIC START, looks at the trends: „The trends for Autumn.Winter 2025/26 are characterized by a balance between simplicity and intensity. In a time where complexity is omnipresent, people long for reduction and familiarity while being ready to explore new horizons. Our task as a trade show is to depict this tension and provide a platform where designers and creatives can discover the many ways these trends can be incorporated into their collections. Under the theme of INTUITION, we create the space for inspiring exchange and the transformation of global trends into individual designs.“


The FABRICS section showcases the latest collections from leading fabric manufacturers, presenting a variety of innovative and sustainable materials. Exhibitors include Akin, Albini, Dutel, Erica, Fortex, Getzner, Iskur, Liberty, Malhia Kent, Manteco, Milior, Limonta, Lisa, Lyria, Nova Fides, Riopele, Somelos, Takisada, Tessuti di Sondrio, Viscotex, Weft, and Yünsa among many others.

In the ADDITIONALS section, the latest trends and developments are presented by exhibitors such as Cadica Group, Escher Textil, Bornemann Etiketten, EU / Fenili, Maxim, Nilörn, Panama Trimmings, Redmark, Studio 9, Trimco Group, We Nordic Label Studios, and YKK Group, among others, setting important accents for upcoming collections.

THE SOURCE focuses on production and sourcing, highlighting the latest developments in sustainable and innovative processes. Confirmed exhibitors include DMISS Textile Group, Evotex, Lagoon Limited, M360 – Miroglio Group, Ningbo Wollamtex Apparel & Co. Ltd., OTS, Thai Son Knitwear Factory, Top Trends Lda, and Union 3 Fashion.

Creative and individual design solutions are presented by Amanda Kelly, Bernini Studio, Circleline Design, Fusion CPH, Leti, Lica Design Studio, and other studios in the DESIGN STUDIOS, underscoring the creative diversity and innovative strength of the industry. Sustainable and recycled materials, which are gaining increasing importance and shaping the future of the fashion industry, are the focus of ReSOURCE.

BLUEZONE & KEYHOUSE in Halls 6 & 7

In BLUEZONE, under the motto DENIMINED, everything revolves around denim and streetwear. About 100 collections from renowned weavers such as Advance Denim, Berto, Bossa, Calik Denim, Denim Authority, Evlox, ISKO, KT Trims, Maritas Denim, Monster, Naveena Denim Mills NDM, NDL, Orta, Sharabati, Strom, Tejidos Royo, and Vicunha come together under the roof of the Zenith Hall, focusing on themes like the circular economy, recycling, upcycling, and transformative processing methods. Rounded off by the DENIM DEAL unveiling the first signatories in Germany.

The Innovation Hub KEYHOUSE, under the theme TECHKNOWLEDGE, will be a stage for progressive suppliers and global players showcasing their latest developments, innovations, technologies, and solutions, particularly in terms of sustainability and technological advances. Due to renovation work in Hall 5, KEYHOUSE will be integrated into Hall 7 in September, presenting the following innovations:

Adidas will showcase an outstanding recycling project called the T-REX Project, aiming to create a closed-loop system for post-consumer textile waste. BIOTEXFUTURE TransitionLab will present three technical textile innovations: BioTurf, Light Lining, and Fungal Fibers. Fungal Fibers researches Chitosan as a promising bioplastic for the production of synthetic fibers, closely related to the second most common natural polymer, Chitin. Its remarkable properties, such as biodegradability, antibiotic characteristics (inhibiting bacterial growth), and compatibility with cotton and cellulose, make Chitosan a promising bioplastic.

Light Lining works on proving that cellulose aerogel fleeces can be a suitable alternative for insulation in sports and outdoor clothing. Various cellulose samples are dried "supercritically" in a physical drying process from sustainably produced wood to create corresponding aerogel fleeces. The samples are then treated with various additives to reduce bacterial growth or achieve hydrophobic properties before the aerogel fleeces are covered with upper and lower fabric. BioTurf aims to develop an artificial turf structure made from bio-polyethylene (PE), which chemically does not differ significantly from petroleum-based PE. The mono-material structure should enable high- quality material recycling, which is a crucial basis for moving towards a circular economy. This innovative artificial turf structure will avoid the addition of polymeric infill granulate, thus solving the current microplastic problem of artificial turf fields.

Brother Industrial, in collaboration with Hochschule Niederrhein, will present innovative solutions for printing on garments in a live microfactory on-site. The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute will provide information on promoting the transition to a circular economy. Datini Fibres will present a new era of recycled wool, while NIL Textile offers circular textile solutions for brands. ImPuls will showcase ERP solutions for the fashion and lifestyle industry, and Officina +39 combines chemistry and creativity in sustainable and innovative solutions. tex.tracer offers an innovative and easy-to-implement platform for traceability in the fashion supply chain, and Shape Innovate acts as an industry catalyst and communicator for the merging of fashion and innovation. Yoona.ai will demonstrate the automation of the design process using high-quality generative AI tools on-site. Finally, curator Simon Angel will present groundbreaking developments and new material resources on the special presentation area SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS, inspiring visitors to think and act forward-looking and innovatively.


Next week, the VIEW Premium Selection will kick off the season by showcasing over 260 collections for Autumn.Winter 25/26 across the segments of FABRICS, ADDITIONALS, DENIM, and SPORTSWEAR. Among many other manufacturers, Achille Pinto, Akin Tekstil, Almodo, Balli Rafanelli Bold, Barth & Könenkamp Seiden, Calik Denim, Cervotessile since 1815, Clerici Tessuto, Davaris Textiles, Dutel Creation, Elyaf Tekstil, Emmetex/Masterloom, Erica + Compagnia Della Seta, Eton Textile, Fitecom, Fortex, Jackytex, Liberty Fabrics, Limonta, Lisa, Lyria, Malhia Kent, Mario Bellucci, Milior, Nova Fides, Özdoku, Riopele, Sharabati Denim, Sidogras, SMI, Takisada, Teijin Frontier, Tessuti di Sondrio, Texapel, Viscotex, Weft, We Nordic Label Studios will be on-site in Munich.

Over two trade show days, VIEW offers the industry an optimal framework to explore the latest trends, material developments, and innovations and to engage in important exchanges with their key suppliers. The carefully curated portfolio includes over 260 high-quality collections in four segments from international suppliers.

The new interim location of VIEW in downtown Munich offers optimal conditions for the Preview Textile Show with its long trading history in the heart of Munich at Karlsplatz Stachus. Here, fashion, art, and culture come together in one place – in close proximity to numerous hotels, restaurants, and parking facilities. Munich also offers two additional reasons to visit: the VIEW venue, known as B-TWEEN (formerly Lovecraft / Kaufhof Stachus), is an established location for pop-up concepts and will host the continuation of the successful exhibition "The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind" in mid-June.

Moreover, the Kunsthalle München is currently presenting the first major retrospective of the Dutch designer duo Viktor&Rolf in Germany. Their masterpieces have been worn by artists such as Madonna, Tilda Swinton, Lady Gaga, Doja Cat, and Cardi B, as well as in ballet productions and an opera directed by Robert Wilson. About 100 of the duo's boldest pieces are now being showcased in a spectacular exhibition, with many creations being displayed for the first time.

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