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A one-off in Frankfurt: with the Neonyt Lab in cooperation with Greenstyle, Neonyt is offering a one-off format for professionals and consumers

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Showcase, D2C fashion fair, conference: From 24-26 June 2022, the direct-to-consumer (D2C) Neonyt Lab is offering a varied line-up for industry insiders, fashion labels and end consumers at the Union Halle event location in Frankfurt’s Ostend district. Brands and visitors will have the opportunity to put together their own modular programme to suit their individual needs.

Progressive, disruptive and neo-new: In June 2022, Neonyt is making its comeback as a physical event – in a new location, with innovative formats and, for the first time, also for end consumers. The highlight is D2C fashion fair Greenstyle the store organised in cooperation with GREENSTYLE, which is opening the door to the sustainable fashion world for all fashion fans by giving them the chance to browse the eco and fair collections and purchase them directly. The Neonyt Lab is also offering a variety of other content for all those who are interested: it will bring buyers, designers, companies, industry insiders and end consumers together in one place and invites them to network and learn from one another. One part of the Lab is Neonyt conference format Fashionsustain, where fascinating panels and discussion sessions will encourage participants to rethink and change their perspective. Prepeek offers content creators the opportunity to gain exclusive insights into the sustainable trends of the coming season. And there will also be a spotlight on textile standards and certifications again this summer. Always in focus: this year’s key topic of Neonyt – New Patterns.

“We’re incredibly excited for the summer edition of Neonyt here in Frankfurt. We have developed a whole new concept that is in touch with our changing times – and, for the first time, also incorporates the end consumers,” says Bettina Bär, Show Director of Neonyt. “New Patterns is just the right slogan for this edition because we want to look ahead, try something new, focus on the unknown and rethink learned patterns.”

Let’s meet up

The summer edition of Neonyt is taking place on the “build your own experience” principle. To suit their own individual needs, brands can take part in the different components of the Neonyt Lab as they wish and therefore create a one-off experience for visitors: whether as speakers at the Fashionsustain conference, with practical examples in the Showcase, by networking with social media professionals at Prepeek or in direct contact with end consumers and selling fashion at the D2C fashion fair Greenstyle the store. The D2C fashion fair, organised by Greenstyle, will be an integral part of Neonyt this summer. Greenstyle is a 360-degree concept that has established itself as an accelerator and network for sustainable and forward-looking fashion with fairs and conferences in the end consumer sector in Munich, Bolzano (South Tyrol), Amsterdam and Frankfurt and well as at its Munich store.

“We can’t wait to be a part of Neonyt with our format. It’s a real win-win for the industry that Neonyt is opening itself up to end consumers in June 2022 and contributing its innovative ideas to help transform consumer behaviour and the textile industry,” says Mirjam Smend, CEO and founder of the Greenstyle Munich Fair and Conference. “We already enjoy a long-standing friendship with Neonyt and it will do us all good to finally see each other and catch up in person again. After all, together we can achieve even more.”

The Neonyt Lab will be taking place from 24 to 26 June 2022.

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