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arena Icons meets ISKO for a timeless lifestyle outfit.

© 2020 ISKO
Passion, innovation, a long-standing tradition of excellence and the strong commitment towards the planet: these are just some of the pillars upon which ISKO and arena, the leading sport waterwear brand, based their latest partnership. Starting from this solid ground of shared values, the two leading companies joined forces to enrich arena’s FW20 Icons collection with a unique outfit which is the highest expression of everything the project stands for. Inspired by vintage designs from the 80s and their colorful vibes and patterns, this lifestyle outfit features a modern fit achieving looks that transcend time.

Developed by the leading denim innovator ISKO to bend the rules of the sportswear and outdoors industry, Arquas 6.0 fabrics platform perfectly expresses the essence of the project: the freedom of being authentic.

Envisioning a time of self-expression and personal fulfillment, the full potential of arena Icons is expressed by the iconic pieces realized using first-class ISKO denim fabrics: Arquas 6.0, advanced woven technologies to ensure superior durability and great recovery power with the look and feel of knitted solutions.

ISKO Bluejym, one of the key concepts of ArquasTM 6.0, was selected thanks to its soft hand feel and all-day comfort. Resulting from the research that brought ISKO denim into the world of athleisure, this lightweight fabric delivers dynamic stretch and athletic performance.

Used in its black and white versions, this patented technology is just one of the innovative solutions developed by ISKO, leading the company to become a pioneer of Responsible Innovation in the fashion industry. 

© 2020 ISKO
© 2020 ISKO

By virtue of this holistic vision, which is based on the values of creativity, competence and citizenship, ISKO has built an entire culture of continuous improvement that inspires everything the company does and allows to achieve many important results. These have been made possible by relying on external stakeholder engagement, striving for third-party certifications such as STeP by OEKO-TEX® modular certification system and partnerships including Textile Exchange, ZDHC, SAC, Sedex and Bluesign, in order to lead the charge of change and responsibility and support the development of a better industry.

The partnership between ISKO and arena stands out through a dedicated communication on the garment but it also goes beyond the piece itself: the authentic values that both companies share were highlighted in a special video starring Italian swimmer and 100 mt freestyle European champion Alessandro Miressi, brand ambassador and testimonial of the promotion campaign of Icons x Isko collection. This will be unveiled on social media, to tell the story of freedom and authenticity that led to the development of the project.

“This collection is a testament to the importance of remaining authentic while keeping up with innovation”, claimed Elena Faleschini, ISKO Global Field Marketing Manager. “At ISKO, we proudly stand for this and find the very same commitment in arena. This is why we joined forces, rethinking the past to define a better future with a brand that shares our goals and values and works to promote a better industry and a better future for everyone.”

© 2020 ISKO
© 2020 ISKO

“arena Icons is a creative lab where we mix our sports heritage with contemporary trends”, declared Roberto Tiburzi, arena Product Category Manager. “The goal is to give birth to garments characterized by the maximum freedom of use. In this respect denim represents the most iconic expression of freedom in clothing and therefore the adoption of this material has been a natural choice. ISKO is one of the leading denim manufacturers, not only from a creative and technological standpoint, but also because of their strong commitment in a more sustainable industry, therefore, to partner with them has been an even more natural choice!”

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