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Sustainable textile innovations at PERFORMANCE DAYS Functional Fabric Fair

Experts from CHT will be presenting the latest generation of textile technologies at stand B09 at PERFORMANCE DAYS in Munich from March 20 - 21. Above all, effect and dyeing chemicals to improve the properties of textiles.

As PERFORMANCE DAYS Functional Fabric Fair has always emphasized innovation and sustainability, CHT will present products that not only enable the creation of textiles with advanced features such as water repellency, breathability, and efficient moisture transport but also contribute to significant water and energy savings during the dyeing and finishing processes, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

CHT, however, not only showcases these effect chemicals, but also its dyeing products which play a crucial role in achieving vibrant and eco-friendly colorations in textiles.

CHT, as a foundation-owned company, is committed to a comprehensive sustainability agenda. The products are developed and manufactured under stringent standards, emphasizing the use of bio-based, biodegradable, and recycled materials to support circular business practices.

Visit booth B09 to explore how CHT's sustainable solutions are shaping the future of both dyeing and effect chemistry in performance textiles. The team will be available for discussions, product demonstrations, and to provide insights into the eco-friendly innovations.

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