Fulgar’s green portfolio impressed the Paris fair

(c) 2019 Fulgar
Innovation in harmony with nature. More and more collections featuring green yarns by Fulgar have been presented at the Première Vision fair.

A centre of Made in Italy excellence and international leader in the international textile industry in the manufacture of innovative in the man-made, eco-sustainable textiles, Fulgar was at the forefront at Première Vision with its exclusive portfolio.

Fulgar offers a new way of producing yarns, with a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental awareness that pushes the boundaries of sustainability.

EVO® by Fulgar is the innovative, organic-origin DIN CERTCO certified yarn. It is made from castor oil, a renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water or take up land that can be used for growing food crops.

EVO® is ultra-light, super stretch and highly breathable. It is also quick-drying, non-iron and offers natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties. These features give it exceptional versatility, a perfect solution for the clothing industry. Its most distinctive benefits also provide maximum comfort, unique performance and respect for nature. 

(c) 2019 Fugar
(c) 2019 Fugar

Q-NOVA® by Fulgar is a 100% Italian made 6.6 eco-sustainable polyamide obtained from unregenerated raw materials. A mechanical process is used to regenerate and upgrade selected production waste in the form of polymers, which are then used for further processing. The company has obtained a number of green certifications - Global Recycled Standard, Ecolabel EU and inclusion on the HIGG INDEX, developed by the SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition), which assesses a garment’s environmental impact over its entire lifecycle.

Now Q-NOVA® by Fulgar offers even more – a special ingredient included in the polyamide has enabled the development of an innovative traceability system called ID (short for “Identity”). This makes it possible for consumer organisations and government bodies to check the authenticity of the fibre’s recycled origins at all times. A further improvement of ID is already being developed –within a few years it will be possible to inform consumers by using a special scanner and garment label to identify the eco-sustainable origins of yarns directly at the sales point.

(c) 2019 Fugar
(c) 2019 Fugar

AMNI SOUL ECO® is a 6.6 biodegradable polyamide that makes it possible to produce garments that can decompose rapidly at the end of their lifecycle. In conditions of anaerobic disposal their special composition enables bacteria to access and digest the waste material, speeding up the bio-degradation process.

Amni Soul Eco® is eliminated by the eco-system in around five years, while other fibres take decades to decompose. Softness, comfort, dyeing quality, breathability and exclusive Easy Care characteristics are just some of the benefits offered by this innovative eco-friendly fibre.

More and more often, cutting-edge textile brands and producers are making Fulgar’s green yarns their first choice for making innovative, eco-sustainable fabrics. Première Vision was provided a first chance to see the latest collections made using innovative green yarns by Fulgar at a series of booths featuring products from a wide range of producers, among which there are Alto Milanese, Borgini, Clerici Tessuto, Eusebio, Fantasie Tricot, Fieratex, Fiveol, Gipitex, Iluna, Jackytex, Luxury Jersey, Maglificio Brugnoli, Maglificio Ripa, Olmetex, Pontetorto, Serates, Sofileta, Tessitura Colombo, Tessitura Corti.

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