Glengo Teknoloji joins forces with Lectra Turkey

Lectra is pleased to announce Glengo Teknoloji (“Glengo”), the exclusive distributor of Gerber solutions in Turkey, will join forces with Lectra Turkey. Bringing Lectra Turkey and Glengo together provides an opportunity for both organizations to expand their footprint in Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East, and better serve their customers. Lectra Turkey will become Glengo Lectra Teknoloji and distribute the entirety of the Lectra Group’s product portfolio. This union is the logical next step after Lectra’s acquisition of Gerber Technology (“Gerber”) in June 2021.

The two organizations will combine to develop Lectra’s business in the booming Turkish market

Glengo was established in 1986. The Istanbul-based company has been providing sales, installation, training and after-sales services for Gerber solutions since its founding. Apart from the head office in Istanbul, Glengo has offices in Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Denizli, Izmir, Kayseri, Malatya, Ordu, Urfa, Sivas and Tokat Erbaa, with over 120 staff members. Glengo primarily serves the Turkish and Central Asian markets. It also sells Gerber solutions to Turkish companies in Bulgaria, Moldavia, Romania and the Balkans.

“We are proud to have more customers benefiting from our 36 years of experience in providing top-tier solutions, technical assistance and support. Being part of Lectra’s organization gives us access to Lectra’s state-of-the-art offers, based on Industry 4.0 technology, which will enable us to help our customers to accelerate the digital transformation of their operations,” states Mehmet Aykut Vural, founder of Glengo and now Chairman and CEO of Glengo Lectra Teknoloji.

Turkey ranks as the sixth-largest apparel supplier in the world. In addition to the flourishing local industry, many international brands are considering moving their manufacturing ecosystem to Turkey. As supply disruptions continue to hit the fashion industry, shipping costs are becoming the biggest cost driver. Therefore, 71% of fashion and apparel companies are planning to increase their nearshoring share by 2025, according to experts. Turkey is one of the top three most promising locations for nearshoring, especially for European countries.

“Joining forces with Glengo will allow Lectra to reinforce its position in a country where our business is growing, and benefit from the Glengo teams’ excellent knowledge of the regional market and their technological expertise.” says Jérôme Viala, Executive Vice President of Lectra.

The transaction consists in the acquisition by Lectra Turkey of the business assets of Glengo for approximately 4 million euros and 25% of shares in Glengo Lectra Teknoloji.

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