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BASF introduces new anti-fake technology

BASF is leading the fight against counterfeiting in the crop protection market by investing in brand new anti-fake technology. In China the company is introducing an innovative product label that features an identification system developed by BASF and a local partner in exclusive collaboration. This technology will ensure that farmers in China can buy genuine BASF crop protection products.
  • Special color additive makes labeling unique and has now been integrated into all key product lines in China
  • Technology helps farmers keep food, feed and fiber safe
  • Next step of BASFʼs commitment to reduce illegal crop protection market globally

“Our new technology quickly proves the authenticity of BASF products and points out with clarity products that are counterfeited. We are committed to providing farmers with effective, innovative products that allow them to work in a safe environment and produce safe food, feed and fiber,” said Tracy Wu, Director Business Management Greater China, BASF Crop Protection.

State-of-the-art technology, exclusively developed in collaboration with BASF

The new technology, which has been developed by experts from BASF and a local labeling company in China, incorporates a special water mark into the product label that is invisible indoors but clearly visible in sunlight. In addition, the BASF know-how Verbund has created a special BASF color pigment to provide an additional unique characteristic that makes it even easier for farmers and retailers to identify genuine BASF products.

The technology has already been incorporated into the BASF Cabrio®, Cabrio® Top, Merivon® and Cantus® fungicide product labels since March 2015. Beginning in 2016, it will be incorporated into the labels of other product lines, and the technology will be updated.

Long-term commitment to reduce illegal products in crop protection market

BASFʼs investment in China is one more milestone in the companyʼs ongoing global fight against counterfeit crop protection products. In other markets, like Brazil, BASF has also invested in a tailor-made device that helps its customers to check the authenticity of their purchase.

Pic: BASF products to be protected by anti-fake-technology (c) 2015 BASF

The so-called DAF (anti-counterfeiting device) system consists of a seal containing a data matrix code and a modern bimetallic foil that can be applied to all product containers. Through directing a laser pointer to the bimetallic foil, BASF’s sales force and customers can identify the authenticity of the product: if authentic, the word BASF will be reflected. With illegal crop protection products making an estimated 9% of the total market, such solutions are of extreme relevance to Brazilian growers and further support to the development of sustainable agriculture. 

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