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The ICAC releases its 2021 Annual Report

The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) has released its 2021 Annual Report covering the 2020-21 fiscal year. It is the third edition since the project was initiated for the first time when Executive Director Kai Hughes joined the ICAC in late 2017.

Executive Summary

The 2021 ICAC Annual Report:

  • Provides transparency and accountability, especially in financial areas, and highlights projects, goals and initiatives for the coming year
  • Profiles the ICAC’s Committees, Delegates, Coordinating Agencies and Standing Committee Officers
  • Introduces multiple new editorial elements including the ICAC Value Proposition; Advantages of Hosting a Plenary Meeting; 'Meet the Secretariat' and more
  • Includes the Final Statement from the just-completed, fully virtual 79thPlenary Meeting 

‘We want to ensure that the ICAC is both transparent and accountable for its efforts over the prior 12 months’, Mr. Hughes said. ‘We have a vision for what we want to accomplish over the next few years, but a vision alone isn't enough. This Annual Report provides information to our members about the ICAC’s past performance and future goals and it also reports back on our Strategic Plan — the document that all members of the Secretariat use to guide their efforts over the coming three years’.

The ICAC Annual Report contains a wealth of information, including:

  • A variety of metrics that will serve as a baseline for future performance, including Actual vs Budgeted performance, how money was spent and progress made on social media platforms;
  • Columns from the heads of ICAC Committees that detail their efforts from the past year and offer their vision for the future;
  • The 2020-22 ICAC Communications Plan, which guides both internal and external initiatives and communications,
  • A variety of new editorial elements — the ICAC Value Proposition, Advantages to Hosting a Plenary Meeting, and two 'Meet the Secretariat' entries for the brand-new positions added in 2021, Head of Textiles and Data Scientist.
  • The Final Statement from the 79th Plenary Meeting, which was fully virtual and held from 6-9 December 2021.

A PDF has been posted and you can view it here:


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