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Face mask production line for 50,000 units per day

AUTEFA Solutions HiPerMask Produktionslinien Production Lines © 2021 AUTEFA
A fully automated production line for protective face masks has been developed by AUTEFA Solutions. The HiPerMask system can output over 50,000 masks per day, meeting international standards EU FFP2 and FFP3, as well as US N95 and N98.

AUTEFA Solutions is a leading manufacturer of nonwovens machines and automation systems and has designed the new line in recognition of current and likely future requirements for mask-wearing on a continuing basis.

André Imhof, CEO AUTEFA Solutions Switzerland AG, says: "The production of FFP/N protective masks is about quality, efficiency, design and output. We will all continue to wear masks, so it is important that they can be produced autarch regionally in high volumes. At AUTEFA Solutions, we have focused on improving production quickly and sustainably with our know-how and upgrade packages for existing machines. We are able to upgrade ear loop and head loop welding stations, mask shape stamping (for different mask shapes) and mask folding (with sensor-controlled centering), and of course quality control of the processes and the entire production.”

The HiPerMask line consists of a material feed, nose clip feed and positioning, ultrasonic welding units, ear loops or head loop stations, mask folding, punching, and dispensing of the masks into a collection container. A vital factor is high process reliability, with reproducible product quality at an output of over 50,000 masks per day. EMERSON Branson ultrasonic assembly technology is used for respirator and mask shape welding.

The nose clip unit ensures precise feeding of the clips; there is a printer for labelling on both sides, including individual numbering and company logos; and a mask folding unit has automatic centering using a vision sensor and linear unit.

As an option, mask strip welding can be carried out as an ear loop station or as a headband station, with band length adjustment. Another outstanding feature is the ability to shape and weld the protective mask contour for different shapes and sizes.

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