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Award thanks STOLL technology

(c) 2019 STOLL
The final presentation of Fashion School in Metzingen took place some time ago at the Audi Center in Reutlingen.

The model of Lea Stach DU ICH reached an outstanding 2nd place (out of 16 competitors).

This dress was knitted by STOLL’s trainees off the ADF 530-32 W in gauge E 7.2. Additionally, 3rd place was awarded to Sara Jasmin Rohlfs for her topic, FUTURE BEING. A STOLL employee also supported here and knitted the arm protectors of the same ADF 530-32 W in gauge E 7.2.

(c) 2019 STOLL
(c) 2019 STOLL

(c) 2019 STOLL
(c) 2019 STOLL

The 5-member, high-profile jury consisted of:

Anna Eichmann, Ferdinand Hauber GmbH, Rene Lang, Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers, Walter Wahlt, adidas, Richard Gihr, Marc Cain and Emanuel Seeburger, Bazlen.

STOLL is very proud of the award winners and their promising collections made possible with STOLL’s world-renowned innovation and technology.

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